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  1. hi Pete, A slight miss understanding I think, at the time of purchase I had no web access or account and my friend at the time purchased the software on my behalf and I paid him in full. he has now given me full permissions to access the account, he has no interest in ever using the account,if it was possible to transfer to my name??? I would Pete(iron cockpit)
  2. Hello to all,back into simmsn after a long absence, (my last msfs was on 3.5 floppies!!.I hope to build a Boeing cockpit, all the support frames are in place,constructed from dexion! hence the name"iron cockpit"I was an electronics engineer before I retired also have worked in general engineering so the practical side wont be a problem.using a 3-4 pc setup running fsxpand on...

  3. Yippy hip hooray :roll: registered at last, found a link in the beginners forum and thanks to "GRUMPY OLD MOD" Quote "If you log in to your simMarket account and look at the right hand sidebar at the top, you will see a section entitled "My products". Click on that, select FSUIPC and your details will be in the white box." well after much grovelling to the ex college whose account i used, got the password into the account and found the original registration codes ! but most importantly-used his name and email-add.an bingo all is go.Is there a moral in this story??? guess pete.d will read this when he gets back on Monday, shake his head,and wag his finger,but anyway thanks for a great informative forum
  4. Further to my last post I have now updated to fsuipc ver but alas still refuses to register :unsure:
  5. I am new to this forum so please bear with me! If any one can help me please. I am having trouble registering fsuipc and widefs in msf4 (fsuicp dll ver I keep getting the message "sorry this key is not valid for fsuicp" for both I purchased the two keys from "SIMMARKET.COM back in the beginning of last year and have not run or tried to register until now. I used a colleges email address and his account via paypal, as at the time I had no access to the web. I manually copied the two registration codes on to paper,now it is possible that I have made a mistake in the process ,but on both !!! I have the customer ID number and order number from simmarket.com unfortunately I am no longer in contact with that college and the computer used no longer exist! I'm not sure which way to proceed thanks in advance
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