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  1. uh oh, i have never ever ever ever got traffic toolbox in prepar3d v2. I don't know what it is because there are so many help sites out there and it never works out. Been trying forever!. I think that I will just install jet2 from world of ai and any other airlines that my ai program is missing. Seems like a much better option and less painful too.
  2. oops, is there a setting that I missed. Who knows anymore with Prepar3d.
  3. yeah. how did you set up views with the invisible plane? I would like to be able to change my locked spot camera so that when I click on a flight then the plane is positioned in the same view each time. For some reason prepar3d doesn't let you change that view from the front facing view or at least lets you save anything like that. I don't know anything about those camera view settings. But I was able to change it before, but then again I wasn't using the "stable" prepar3d. I'm not in love with prepar3d and it's quirks. thanks
  4. yeah I thought that would not sound right. Correct me if I am wrong but I could have sworn that the whole stb folder sits inside the prepar3d game folder on the computer drive. In my drive I have flying w simobjects folder and make runway files on the computer drive and in the prepar3d folder. Does that make it clearer. i'm not sure because I was confused typing it. This new game has a mind of it's own. thanks
  5. ok, now I am confused. I bought the old version at simmarket and they have not listed the v2 upgrade yet, but other shops say that they are v2 compatible but the information on the listing is pretty much the same as the old version (they only mention prepar3d v2 once in the listing) not to mention it's the same description on simmarket. If I buy the version on simmarket (prepar3d 1.4) can i just assume that it works for prepar3d v2 and they haven't given it very much priority by giving the correct information? Has anyone bought the stb prepar3d v2 version yet? and if so does it work flawlessly. I don't mind buying somewhere else but I can only get the upgrade price because I bought it from them in the first place.
  6. sitting here waiting for the prepar3d 2 stb and very excited I must say. But they have taken over 24 hours to list it on their website (simmarket) and now it's Friday night. How long does something like this usually take? I thought it would be quicker, but I am no expert so I'm sure there is more to it. Anyway just hoping to see it soon. I bought prepar3d 2 only because stb was in beta for it so thanks again a for a product that I literally can't enjoy prepar3d without.
  7. I selected use UT2 schedule which works out pretty well but there are a few airlines that mytraffic did better than the waoi version and I would like to use those. Is it possible to use the mytraffic editor to put that airline back into fsx without messing up my almost perfect now airlines? If so, then how is that done because I have the latest version and I don't see Mytraffic editor and I don't use traffic toolbox.
  8. well that is part of my problem, I don't really know how to install a schedule too much. I just selected the option of UT2 from the drop down but i'm not sure if that's all there is to it. I also remember that you can put a check mark next to a specific airline and it would not be seen in mytraffic. I forgot how to do that too.
  9. I would like to compile a traffic file omitting the airlines already covered by woai. I remember a way to do that but I have been away for a while and at least 4 updates :) maybe there is a newer easier way to do this.
  10. thank you, my woai are already converetd using aifp so I just need to make sure mytraffic isn't making duplicate planes. I know they work together but I would like to know how to fine tune which planes are woai and which ones are mytraffic.
  11. hello all, I have recently decided to try out Mytraffic again. The creator has done so much work and put so much time into new versions that I would like to see what's improved. I am however a diehard woai user as well and would like to have both live in harmony. How can I use woai and mytraffic together. I have the latest version mytraffic 5.4b and I was able to acheive this in the older versions but I have been gone so long, that now I am starting from the beginning. Thanks
  12. It looks like when I click an airline it defaults to ai view mode and that is not the view I want. I want to have the locked spot view mode when I click on an airline. It's so strange that I can't figure this out. I remember it was so easy before. I noticed that with the new stb 3.2 there is no selection for camera views like the older versions. Was this taken out or do I have an incomplete install? do I also need airound to get this view. I had it installed before but didn't include it before reinstalling fsx, just wondering
  13. ok, got it working (after reinstalling fsx) but I have one more "little" problem. When I click an airline the view is facing the aircraft from the front at an angle. I used to have it where the view was a locked spot with the view of the plane on the side. I guess I took that for granted because I haven't reinstalled fsx for 5 years. I have tried changing it with a joystick and saving the flight as default but it only saves the view for the selected airline. The next view is the same front facing one. Thankfully this is not a major problem but one that just bugs me.
  14. I installed my traffic 5.4 and I have more movements now and it's not the same but I can live with it. Now I can't follow any planes at all, no matter what traffic program that I use they all dissapear. I used to spend hours following planes all the way but now I can't even watch for 5 minutes. What I have been doing before was click on a departure, select follow then airound locked spot and it was all good. Is there some new way or better way to do this? Can you send me the installer maybe that will work.
  15. well now it's serious. I uninstalled stb and loaded up fsx, My traffic toolbox says only 2 arrivals at klax at 7:43pm and much much more departures. What could that mean? it seems like it's a bigger problem and now I am getting frustrated.
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