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  1. Updated E-Jets V3 In The Future?

    Hello all, I would just like to throw in a big BIG thank you to BeenFeltThere ... errr sorry, FeelThere, for their incredibly rapid response to P3Dv4 (what is that, I wonder????) I think everybody at this has had to have been issued asbestos lined gloves and shoes due to the pace they work at creating so much friction and heat. SHAME ON YOU Guys Tony Chilcott
  2. Phenom100 Transition Altitude

    Got his number Scoob LOL Tony
  3. Phenom100 Transition Altitude

    Thanks Scoob, It would have been nice to have it adjustable but ..... Tony Chilcott
  4. Phenom100 Transition Altitude

    Hello all, A very quick question for the technically minded. I fly mostly in Australia and Indonesia where the Transition altitude is 10000 and 11000feet respectively. Having the Transition Altitude announcement at 18000 feet (USA) is slightly ridiculous and I am wondering if that can be changed somewhere. I have had a quick look through the aircraft.cfg file and can not find anything to do with transition altitude there. Where can I find it and is it possible to change? Thanks Tony Chilcott
  5. "Call" for the Legacy and Ejets 175/195

    Moderator, Thank you for this response. Is there anybody here who can give me an answer to the first two queries as i have still not resolved these issues. Also, can anybody tell me if they have ever successfully contacted "Feelthere" to obtain some level of product support directly from them. Do they actually produce this and other products on their site, or are they simply distributors with no formal responsibility for support? Again, thank you for any support offered Tony
  6. "Call" for the Legacy and Ejets 175/195

    Good morning, day or evening, I have purchased, at varying times, The Phenom 100, the 175/195, Legacy and the 135/145 for FS2004. I have just recently bought the "Call" for the Legacy and Ejets 175/195. Whilst I have never flown the products other than the Phenom, I am just now going through the learning process for the others. This has raised the following points... 1. I cannot find a manual for the Legacy and am wondering if one exists or do I use the E145 manual??? 2. I am having problems loading "Call" in that after using the installer, I get to the section which asks where I want to install it. My Directory is D:\FSVIIII and that is what is automatically shown in the installer .... when I click next I get the message "PIC Ejets not installed" So I clicked "browse" after retrying the installer and selected D:\FSVIIII\Aircraft .... Same result The next step was to uninstall and reinstall the 175/195 aircraft and going through the same processes with the same results. I did however go a little further, and tried to install call into the following ... D:\FSVIIII\Aircraft\PIC 175 (and 195) and again with the same "not installed message" Can someone tell me just what the installer is looking for? Please note that "Call" installed seamlessly into the Legacy. 3. Can I install the Legacy "Call" into the 135 and 145 aircraft? Thank you for any support you may be able to offer. Tony