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  1. As soon as I saw your request for the files I realised that I hadn't setup the p3DV4 simconnect.xml file. All other networked utilities either use WideFS or have their own server. All now working fine. Thanks for the prompt.
  2. I have installed the latest STB-DS on the P3DV4 machine and STB for P3DV4 on a remote machine. I have configured both as follows: BTW This config works fine for STB for FSX so it's not a firewall issue especially as I have the firewall turned off for home networks. Whenever I try to connect I get the following message as if the host sim wasn't available. It is.
  3. Thanks, it seems to be working OK now but unfortunately I've made few changes in an attempt to clear another problem so can't pin it down to what was causing the problem. Cheers Tony
  4. I have installed STB V3.1 on a second machine and STBS V3.1 on the FS machine and have had previous success in connecting to FS on my main computer. However, for some reason after restarting my main PC (keeping same IP), STB says in status box that it finds and connects to simconnect, Flightsim and to the STB server. After this the attached error dialog pops up. There is obviously a lot more but I think this clip reports the imediate issue. Any help appreciated. Cheers Tony C.
  5. Thanks for the detailed response. As I say, I obviously started out with unrealistic expectations for correlation with data published on public websites and like in so many areas of simulation compromises have to be made. However, what it does give is an AI world that varies on a daily basis so I'll see how that adds to my FS experience over the coming months.
  6. I have purchased MTX 5.4 and the Live subscription. I have followed the instructions to activate through communicator. Moving an aircraft to Heathrow I used the Super traffic board to check the aircraft against the FlightAware.com data for EGLL and the British Airways website but found very little similarity between my traffic and what was reported as reality. Am I missing something? Are my expectations for same flight numbers and destinations unrealistic? There doesn't seem to be much point in the subscription if it doesn't at least match some of the actual flights. I have: Downloaded the
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