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  1. claude101141

    Runtime error 52? (answered)

    Good morning, A/ Who said Mr. Heine didn't try to solve problems? Not I in the least, B/ I made suggestions to enable the ending to the problem encountered which obviously I was not the only one to face. For instance the installation programs of FLIGTH1 (i.e. Gex for example) by default put the software in the root of the C: drive. That could be done with FSC and would prevent the problem posted by Volker here and in the long paper posted in his pdf file. C/ May I remind you this French say in the famous play "The marriage of Figaro" adapted to the opera by Mozart: "Without the liberty to blame or criticize there are no flattering praise"; I will add a second one : "Never put your finger between the tree and the bark". If Volker has complaints against me, he's a big boy and can do those directly to me without your assistance. D/ May I remind you Volker's comment in his post which link you have above, one should sign his messages and also a "...A little "Hi" or "Hi Sascha* / Volker" orsomething like that might not be to time-consuming for the sender...." Topic closed and solved as far as I'm concerned. Thanks Volker for your help. Claude
  2. claude101141

    Runtime error 52? (answered)

    Volker, I have read the different txt and other manuals as I always do for anything I buy. It happens that the version prior to 9.7 which I had was not concerned by Win10 which did not exist at that time so what was said for VISTA did not concern me for the upgrade and moreover the characters used in the installation programs are so small that one can very easily miss the point. The use of Capitals for such important message should be mandatory in the installation program. As for the Administrator installation part, I always do so and even execute FSX as an administrator and have not restricted to only me the use of the program. It seems to me that the flaw here is that obviously the installation program doesn't completely look at the registries to establish the paths needed. In the same way one can't ask a user to have a separate drive or disk for each program he uses although disks' costs are much cheaper today than they used to be in the past. Moreover to have too many disks would result in a huge problem when security backup are concerned. I will change FSC from Program files XXX to follow what has been news for me under Win10 but it's out of question that I should reinstall FSX and all my addons freeware and payware considering the most stupid addon manager ever built in FSX. Thanks Claude
  3. claude101141

    Runtime error 52? (answered)

    Last minute info: I've just added a new addon and updated the database and the program works again with no error message! This is something curious the least one can say.... Claude
  4. claude101141

    Runtime error 52? (answered)

    Good morning, We have a situation here; I did what you suggested and find the Support subfolder empty as you can check with the attached screen capture.....It remains so even after I type "ok" in the error message and leave the program. Best Claude
  5. claude101141

    Runtime error 52? (answered)

    Hi again, Perhaps if you had read carefully my question you would have noticed that I gave you 3 answers out of the 8 so nicely put to your dear customers ! So to make it clear for you: 1. FS X, FS2004(FS9) or Prepar3D (Version) ---------------------------------------------------> FSX acceleration sp2 2. FSUIPC* / WideFS which version used ("latest version" is not sufficient)-----------------> Version 4.971; I don't use WideFS 3. I use the FSC in a network!---------------------------------------------------------------------> NO 4. FS Commander and Database Manager-------------------------------------------------------> Version 9.7 Built 2017/08/21 5. Which provider and period of the AIRAC Cycle------------------------------------------------> NA 6. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> Downloaded version bought at Simmarket and updated regularly since version 8.3 acquired in 2008. 7. Operating System (Windows 7/8/10 32/64, Vista 32/64, XP, 2000) -------------------------> Windows 10 64bits, Intel processor i5 760à2.8GHz 16Go Ram Graphic card Asus HD 7950Direct CUII TOP 3Gb Memory 8. How many monitors are used:--------------------------------------------------------------------> 2 monitors: one 1920x1080 ; the second 1360x768 (FSC is positioned on this screen I suggest that a special page totally independent of the forum be dedicated to the support of your software as this is done with all software providers I've been using for the last 20 years. A form would be presented to your customer to fill and that would prevent you from asking them to go to the link you suggest to read; the page would be declared in the menus of your website under the title : support. The forum should be restricted to discussions on different topics not related to any kind of malfunction of the software. Sorry to be so straightforward but honestly I'm not used to get such rather uncourteous replies, I'm not a child and consider that at 76 could be treated in an other way.. You may think that I'm very touchy, that's the way I've been educated. Best Claude ROZSA Paris-France
  6. claude101141

    Runtime error 52? (answered)

    Hi Volker, I have the same error as said above; I tried to go to the link you mention here but it is no more accessible. What should I do? I'm with the latest update of FSC with FSX running under Windows 10 pro. The error happened suddenly without reason while updating the database. FSX on the other hand runs perfectly well and I suppose if there was an error in the scenery.cfg file it would corrupt FSX and prevent it from running. Best Claude
  7. Good morning, While selecting an aircraft (B747-400 default, Lufthansa livery) I got the following error: 1/It refused my choice 2/as you may see on the picture it stated that the actual choice at the opening of the menu was an MD11 when if fact it is by default an Airbus A300 with also above the Mention of an MD11 3/ When the error occurs you cant closed the error small screen and have to completely leave FSC by ending the task with the task manager. Perhaps it could be a good idea to look into this. Regards PS: I'm under windows 10 Pro, 2.8GHz and 4 cores, 126Gb ram, with a graphic card Asus HD 7950 3Gb ram Claude ROZSA
  8. claude101141

    where find FSC9.6 rev9? (answered)

    Ok many thanks at last things become clear.
  9. claude101141

    where find FSC9.6 rev9? (answered)

    Even if my actual version 9.5 build of 4th of January 2014 ? I'm told by Simmarket that my actual license will be valid. Is it right? Claude
  10. claude101141

    where find FSC9.6 rev9? (answered)

    Volker I tried to find the vers 9.6 rev 9 with the link you gave but there seem to be a serious problem on your site as can be seen by the attached picture; all the other sites i visit have a perfect presentation. So it is impossible to find the link searched for. I made my different upgrades thru simarket who directed me to your site for the upgrade to version 9.7. all this is confusing and is a huge loss of time. I can't say I appreciate....
  11. claude101141

    Erratic flightplan

    No because I never had to use this feature up to now and have no idea it could be related to this problem... Thanks anyhow for your kind reply... Regards Claude
  12. claude101141

    Erratic flightplan

    Good morning, this is not the first time such a behaviour happen and in the past I used to think some of my data were erroneous. this time I know they are not. I'm getting acustomed with my newly bought PMDG 747-400 using a tutorial in french with a proposed flightplan between LFPG and KSFO. Here is the flightplan as set in the tutorial: LFPG 0 0 N49°00'46.00" E002°33'00.00" CHARLES DE GAULLE ATREX 355 47 N49°47'07.00" E002°22'07.00" ATREX VESAN 343 38 N50°22'18.80" E002°01'35.10" VESAN RATUK 323 23 N50°39'25.20" E001°38'10.60" RATUK SOVAT 323 10 N50°46'46.00" E001°28'00.00" SOVAT TEBLO 323 14 N50°57'15.00" E001°13'21.00" TEBLO SANDY 323 9 N51°03'51.00" E001°04'03.00" SANDY LAM 115.6 320 49 N51°38'46.00" E000°09'06.00" LAMBOURNE WELIN 319 52 N52°14'50.00" W000°51'08.00" WELIN TIMPO 334 22 N52°33'32.00" W001°09'50.00" TIMPO TNT 115.7 334 35 N53°03'14.00" W001°40'12.00" TRENT RODOL 334 13 N53°14'17.00" W001°51'43.00" RODOL KOLID 308 38 N53°34'26.00" W002°45'21.00" KOLID BILVO 308 18 N53°43'52.00" W003°11'09.00" BILVO TUPEM 308 12 N53°50'17.00" W003°28'55.00" TUPEM REMSI 308 14 N53°57'37.00" W003°49'32.00" REMSI MASOP 309 22 N54°09'21.00" W004°21'15.00" MASOP BESOP 309 45 N54°32'48.00" W005°26'46.00" BESOP DIMLI 309 47 N54°56'47.00" W006°36'55.00" DIMLI 03MCT 308 23 N55°08'12.00" W007°11'29.00" MCT307203 31MCT 309 28 N55°21'56.00" W007°54'17.00" MCT307231 MIMKU 308 81 N56°00'00.00" W010°00'00.00" MIMKU OSBOX 309 105 N56°48'23.00" W012°48'06.00" OSBOX SUNOT 292 73 N57°00'00.00" W015°00'00.00" SUNOT 58N020W 306 172 N58°00'00.00" W020°00'00.00" 58N020W 60N030W 312 331 N60°00'00.00" W030°00'00.00" 60N030W 60N040W 298 300 N60°00'00.00" W040°00'00.00" 60N040W 59N050W 292 310 N59°00'00.00" W050°00'00.00" 59N050W PRAWN 286 310 N57°12'12.00" W059°10'48.00" PRAWN YDP 247 277 92 N56°32'01.00" W061°41'31.00" NAIN YKL 112.7 271 200 N54°48'52.19" W066°45'17.83" SCHEFFERVILLE YFM 332 285 252 N53°42'41.00" W073°42'10.80" LG-4 YMO 112.9 265 291 N51°17'29.00" W080°36'26.00" MOOSONEE YAN 112.4 254 177 N49°46'41.00" W084°35'28.00" AMESON YQT 114.1 254 212 N48°15'13.51" W089°26'14.54" THUNDER BAY YQT25 235 25 N48°00'10.00" W089°55'57.00" YQT234025 DLH 112.6 235 117 N46°48'07.00" W092°12'10.00" DULUTH ABR 113 252 270 N45°25'02.40" W098°22'07.20" ABERDEEN DPR 116.8 256 143 N45°04'41.40" W101°42'54.60" DUPREE CZI 117.3 244 212 N43°59'58.80" W106°26'08.40" CRAZY WOMAN BOY 117.8 237 87 N43°27'47.40" W108°17'58.80" BOYSEN RESERVOIR MLD 117.4 235 198 N42°11'59.40" W112°27'04.20" MALAD CITY BAM 112.2 231 224 N40°34'09.00" W116°55'20.40" BATTLE MOUNTAIN LLC 116.5 236 80 N40°07'29.40" W118°34'39.60" LOVELOCK FMG 117.9 219 61 N39°31'52.80" W119°39'21.60" MUSTANG KSFO 213 172 N37°37'08.30" W122°22'29.60" SAN FRANCISCO INTL I transferred the data via Excel to get just one column with the codes and copy/paste them in the empty fligthplan of FSC9 last built. and the result on the map after clicking on ENTER was as shown on the attached image!!!!!! What is going on? I can't imagine a minute the data given in the tutorial were wrong... Thanks for explaining how to correct such nonsense. Kind regards Claude PS here my config: Processor Intel® Processor Cores i5 CPU 760 (4 cores) Processor Speed 2.80GHz RAM 8,00 Go Video Board Manufacturer NVIDIA Video Board Model GeForce 9600 GT Video Memory 4095 Mo Mother Board Asus P7P55D Hard Drives 4 Drives : 2 internal 2external 3000Go in total Monitor 2 Monitors 1680x1050 and 1360x768 Operating System Windows 7 64bits family premium Joystick Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Other Pinnacle Video capture card My Simulator: FSX acceleration sp2 and SDK installed Utilities: PlanG FlightSimCommander: Version 9.2.1 Build28/07/2012 HeliTraffic SuperTraffic board Airport Design Editor
  13. claude101141

    Sudden database management error

    Hi everyone; After multiple searches and Volker's help, I found the reason for the error. I had simply forgotten after having reinstalled FSC92, to precise FSX's path in the dataManagement file before uptading the database. I think to prevent such situation it would be a good idea to use the registry to locate FSX and its components at the launch of the Management file. In case the program did not anyway find the location then a message would appear asking for a manual setup. This is done for instance in a small program freeware called "RSC" by Mark Regal which permits to manage the scenery.cfg file and helps to organize rationnally this important file. The software locates automatically the scenery.cfg file then makes working copy of the file. Not every user knows where scenery.cfg is installed and so no one has to bother looking for it, the software does it for you; in case of course it did not find it then you have the manual option. I think this could be a good way to prevent wasting time for such a stupid oversight and all beneficial for Volker :razz: Claude
  14. Good Morning Yesterday I have made an update of my database with the Database management file and all went perfectly well. This morning having to update the database again, I get the attached message and the program aborts. I have reinstalled completely FSC9 and the problem remains. I don't see where to look for. Could you help me to solve the problem. Here is the message I get: "File not found or no access! Please check the FSCDBM_FS*.LOG File! Program will abort!" Also find under the contents of the FSCDBM_FS*.LOG File *********************************************************************************************** H:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\FSC9\ FlightSim Commander Database Manager 9.2 © 2012 Volker Heine · Vers. 9.2 Net (Build: 12-May-2012) Registered for Unregistered version NoReg3 Rebuild database: 28/06/2012 - 10:05:45 *********************************************************************************************** based on: ===== Error Error Error ===== Source: GetBGLFileDirectories = 5 = Argume Thanks in advance Claude
  15. claude101141

    Display problem

    Good Morning, So If I understand well this means that I'll have to change my appearance settings, each time I use FSC!!!! I suppose this is a joke! One software producer can't ask his customers to do that for each program he uses. It's quite enough that Win 7 users have to guess where the damn settings are located because the unorganized OS Microsoft has developed! I use the OS in its French version, just imagine that I have to guess what is the equivalent of the English terminology used to find the options too! This change in the display settings should be part of the FSC.ini file to make sure the user once he has closed the program reverts to "his" normal settings. What Microsoft thinks is normal, is not the case for everyone on earth! I'm sorry to say that with such problems I'm going to abandon FSC... I'm sorry for this rather nervous post, but just put yourself at my place... regards Claude

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