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  1. hi peter! thx for your answer. i´m surprised that you don´t know if PSS requires FSUIPC or not. i just read in another forum that you get the complete panel into view in fs2004 but only a small outside view window which cannot be resized to normal size. now i was wondering if it has to do with your FSUIPC... :roll: well, i´ll wait then a couple of days if PSS announces something. and if i understood it right, freeware designers like eric marciano will get a key from you so we can still use his fantastic a320/330 panel in fs2004? could you maybe post a list which features all the freeware/payware designers which obtained a key from you, so we could figure it out easier what will work in fs2004 and what not? EDIT: this is what i found at PSS forum: "We are currently negoiating with Peter Dowson on our license and we will have it for the PSS packages if required Robert Kirkland PSS SUPPORT" now i´m really confused... greets, alex
  2. hi peter! sorry for asking this (maybe silly) question, but i still didn´t understand your new system: how will i get the PSS A320 product working in FS2004 with the FSUIPC3? do i have to wait for a registry key/update from PSS or will i get it from you? cheers, alex
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