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  1. Hi. When I try to use MTI I am getting small window with message "Failed to read MyAirportsshort.dat". When I click "OK" [htere is no other option] MTI starts, but there is no airport in there.... I am using W7, P3D v 1.4, MT3D 5.4c. I also tried to dump airports list, I did new MyAirports.dat, and new MyAirportsshort.dat. Still no succes. Otherwise MT3D works well in my simulator. I did not find any info about that problem here . Please , any idea for help ? Eddie
  2. My experience with this "bug" is: Since I started using FSX Acc 2.5years ago this problem was presented in my simulator. All the time!!! It NEVER disappeared !!!! And it is somehow depending on zooming.and distance from me. Last year I switched to P3D v1.4 and the same problem here.
  3. Thax for replay. Instalation and patching went ok. Something is wrong. It is something wrong in instalator. After installation I presed shortcut in Start menu [Window7-64], but no Comunicator , only small black window with some writing.... As I am familiar with MyTraffic software, I was able to recognize what happened. I went to Dublin EIDW with slider on 100%, and only ONE airplane on the gate. Nothing else. I know what is the problem. Shortcut in Start menu linked to "MyTraffic live.bat" instead of Communicator!!! Ok , I fixed it manualy. I started Communicator and selected Spring 2013 . I did all necessary actions to make MyTraffic working. I went to Dublin again, and all is ok. I stayed there only few minutes and then I went to Boston KBOS. Slider on 40%. Not too many aircraft there, only few. It is no problem for me. After few seconds ntdll error. I changed schedules to 2012 in Communicator. Then I did identicaly same test. Slider on 20%. About 200 planes on KBOS. I flew KBOS -KJFK. I saw 400 to 500 airplanes around and no ntdll crash. I landed in KJFK and taxi to fuel, and taxi to gate. Still around 400 planes there. No crash. I am still there on the gate. 4 hours nonstop. No crash.
  4. Hallo Burkhard. New installation front of me. :mrgreen: Full installer downloaded yesterday from Simmarket. It is MyTraffic3D v 54c. Qestion: Should I use any patches after install this full installation in my P3D v. 1.4 ? If yes, could You give me exact link for that patch, please? Thank You. Eddie PS: name of downloaded file is: MT3DV54c.exe
  5. Thank You Burkhard. i have another question.... :oops: I downloaded new instalation from simmarket MTXV54b.exe 1,451,833 KB I instaled it succesfuly. Should I still instal patch over it? Patches54b.exe - 2,805 KB [downloaded from links here] , or is it included in fresh instalation from simmarket. I am sorry for this question, but I dont want to do any wrong move.
  6. Hi Burkhard. First - Have good luck in all 2013 year !!!!! Now. I finally finished building of my new PC. So I need to instal all my staf. I would like to ask You about correct order of instalation to reach MTX 5.4b Pro. 1. MTXV54a.exe - 1,407,246 KB [downloaded from simMarket right now] 2. Patches54a.exe - 11,790 KB [downloaded from links here] 3. MTXU54ab.exe - 108,008 KB [downloaded from links here] 4. Patches54b.exe - 2,805 KB [downloaded from links here] Please could You confirm if is it right way, how to get final ?? Thank You very much and I wish you all the best! Eddie
  7. Hi Mark. One trick for You. Just change IFR to VFR and You will have as many T&Gs as You want. Any airport, any airplaine no matter. Just VFR will do real T&G.
  8. Hmmm. Thanx anyway. Info on the shop is misleading. And it could be discuse still in the circle. Flights back to original apt is ok, but there are reapeted flights 6 times a day.... Ok Lets it finish. I give up. I did not get nothing like "<MODESMESSAGE> <DATETIME>20120806084216</DATETIME> <CALLSIGN>JST479</CALLSIGN> <ALTITUDE>31975</ALTITUDE> <GROUNDSPEED>383</GROUNDSPEED> <TRACK>231</TRACK> <VRATE>1920</VRATE> <LATITUDE>-33.9305</LATITUDE> <LONGITUDE>151.36</LONGITUDE> <REGISTRATION>VH-VQQ</REGISTRATION> <AIRCRAFTTYPE>A320</AIRCRAFTTYPE> < /MODESMESSAGE> All what I have got was files anfs2.bgl everytimes when I clicked Download - MT Live. It was many times. Ones I have got file anfs_america.bgl. I did not analysed All of them, but I analysed nine or ten of them, and All of analysed files was full of autogen flights. And tell me if advert says : "....every equipment change, every delay, every extra flight, every charter and every cancellation will be represented in the virtual world around you – as real as it gets...." what changes is it from?? Changes from planed flights!!!! Everybody will understand it THIS way, same as me. Cos changes , extra flights, canceled flights can be only in comparement to something what was planed. I am just sorry , that You are not able to admit, that the manuals for great "MyTraffic complex" are missing a lot of important details. It is clearly visible here on the forum. Lot of users are not able to use product following manuals. Anyway thanks again for ansfers and of course for MTX. I will continue to use it as it makes FS alive. Unfortunately I am not able to add just few flights from reall life and give them priority 1%, and here on the forum I am feeling like totaly stupid, when I need to ask for basic help, cos manual is very long , but in fact very poor. Oh Yes and addon "MT Live" - lost money for nothing. One joke on the end of story: As info about MT Live in online shop is heavily untrue [misleading in the least], maybe this one "Note that this service will only work with MyTraffic Professional Version 5.4 - No Refunds!" could be untrue as well...? Can they do refund? Better I can send 20 E to some charity. My Traffic Live is not worth any cent... Cheers Eddie
  9. Hi again. Burkhard, thank You for ansfer. Look, I am VERY happy with My Traffic as generator of AI traffic in FS. Really excelent. Frankly!!! But this is what I paid for when I bought it. I do not think Traffic Editor is really very helpfull, if I want "edit" some traffic in FSX, or to add some flights or something like this. Everything in "MyTraffic" system is not necessarilly complicated. For example planes, types, series, reg. numbers, etc. I tried to use another "Traffic editor", and I have foud it is absolutely EASY and simple. I select any airplain in my FSX and I am able to sent it on the regular daily or weekly or irregular trip. Just few clicks. And I am able put there "priority" 1% directly. [ be seeing when slider is 1% or more] . I was not able to do many simple things in "Your" editor just because of lack info. I tolt You earlier - to many manuals with sooooo less clear informations for users like me. Burkhard I see it in many many many topics here - people do not know how to use Your excelent product and all its possibilities. Lot of magics are hidden from us, and no answers in all three manuals. Usually in manuals are explained things which are more or less clear without manual, but things which should be explained are not. Then it makes me desperate when I see " go to manual...." Every button should be explained, but it is not. I am not sorry the money what I spent for MyTraffic. I use it as autogenerator only. For my own AI flightplans I use other soft. Now back to MT Live. Absolutely useless. It does not match what is advertised in online shop at all !!!! Here is what I paid for, and it is copied from shop : "For those airlines where online live data is available, which are the bigger airlines in the US, Europe, Japan and Australia mainly, we offer a subscription to their data so that you can download actual flight plans from their side, which are based on the real world traffic of the day – every equipment change, every delay, every extra flight, every charter and every cancellation will be represented in the virtual world around you – as real as it gets." I dont see any word about some weired servers of AirNav or FlightBox or anything else. It says clearly "from THEIR SIDE" !!! There could not be any problem if it is TRUE. It is not TRUE unfortunatelly. In the real it is nothing more , then lottery depending on pilots, if they switch some equipment ON or not. So advert in the shop is LIE. And YES most of flights from files downloaded from "???" [nobody knows where is it downloaded from] looks like AUTOGENERATED !!! I can post it here, if You want. Or any body can open it in some easy usable flighteditor and see it on their own eyes. You can check it, if You think I lie. I have no idea how it is possible, but I am sure most of flights there are not created on real world data base. I know every flight must come back, but not 5 or 6 times a day... hmmm ..? Network Plan Tool makes flightplans like these. So...? Could it be caused by some technical fault...?? It is not double flights or yesterdays trips or so. Simply it must be fake! But whos fake is it ? Only one idea how it could not be fake: anfs2.bgl is mix of real based and autogenerated flights. But I do not think so. I think anfs2 should be only real based.
  10. Hi Burkhard. I purchased 6 months period to use that service. My questin is if will it work anyway?? I am trying it 3 weeks, and now I am nearly sure,it was wasted money. I expected, what was ofered - actual data which will be used by "MyTraffic" programm to make flights in my simulator. It is ofered as addon for My Traffic. Ok, I understand often live data could be wrong . But why they ofered what they cannot deliver??? There are two possible situations since I bought it ; 1: not working at all. 2: giving me something what I did not pay for !!! What I mean? I analysed many "ansf2.bgl" files. Surprice!! There are just very few flights which looks like "real ones". And rest of flights are hmmm... autogenerated...??? Flights from airport "ABCD" to "EFGH" , every few hours.... it seems to be pure fake. Do You have any other explanation for that? Please dont tell me about hardness with "live" data. I repeat - I understand trables. Why most of flighs in many ansf2s are "network plan"like [fake] ?
  11. Hmmm..? So should I live it as it is now? How can I say to Communicator it should call patches 54a and not patches 54 ?
  12. I have v. 54a instaled and working include "Patches to 54a" button in Comunicator. I did not change anything. Today I pressed button "Patches to 54a" and download started ok. Then black window opened and say : "blah blah blah... ... patches 54.exe is not recognized as internal, or external command, operable program, or batch file.... Press any key to continue..." I looked in My Traffic folder, and Yes I have there both files "Patches 54.bat" and "Patches 54a.bat". So I doubleclicked "Patches 54a.bat" and some installers ran. Txt file say : 1. B767-300F texture.cfg added 2. B737-300 142 texture.cfg added 3. 2010 schedules added 4. 2000 schedules missing file added 5. A380 strobe point shifted, Nav lights replaced 6. B733 folder 142 texture.cfg added 7. B737 folder 82 texture.cfg added It seems to be ok. But why Communicator does this strange mistakes?? And Yes I am sure I did not change anything in last few days since I reinstaled All MyTraffic. How can I fix this, please? Next thing is that when I tried press Download - New version window apeared and says my current version is 54a and on the web newest version is 54. Confusing.... Any idea, how to make this strange "Communicator" working corectlly? Thanks for any help. { Please - clear and simple step by step instructions if possiblle, without unnecessary words. My english is very simple and limited, so all not necessary words makes me more desorientated. ] Thanks for any help and understanding. EddiePatches.bmp
  13. Please help me anyway!!!! I instaled NEW instalation of My Traffic v. 5.4a Everything looked OK, until i tried pres Patches to 5.4a [download in Comunicator] Error message. Problem solved. Full reinstal and then udate to 54a.
  14. Uffff. Sorry but I dont understand at all.... MyTrafficX Proff. is excelent !!! But manuals, informations and mostly forum-info are .... confusing. All instructions here usually looks like: Bake the cake. But how should I bake this cake ?? What it means "go to the schedules, that do not contain...." ?? And how can I ADD the live schedules to get meaningful result.... ?? Do this, do that, BUT HOW? HOW ? Manuals dosnt explain lot of butons and procedures. For example - still I have no glue how to ADD any traffic to existing traffic. I know how to put new "traffic to FSX. But how to ADD my manual schedules to existing schedules? And how to combine "Live" with my manual schedules? And one important q. How to tell FSX to show my manual schedules as prefered. Before i tried something. Traffic was nice as it came with product. Global atmosphere on the airports - excelent. But for example I would like to ADD just few myown flights from i.e. EIDW to EIKN or EINN. After many many trials I did it by "Manual scheduling". Ok, now slider on 100% is too much, so I lovered it to 25 -35% It seems to be good level. Lot of flights disapeared include MY flights. So my Q is How to tell FSX I want to see MY CREATED FLIGHTS first, and then anything else. Next thing - I see on the airport 70 airliners and 8 cargos. [slider 100%]. When I lover slider all cargos are gone as first. How to change it? I`d like to have 20 airliners and 3 - 5 cargos for example. Ok I know I am nervous, and nobody like it. So I am sorry for my agressivity. I will slow down. My appology. As manuals are not clear for me I`d like to ask some questions "how to". One by one. Is it possible, please? Eddie
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