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  1. setup PC1 WIN7 Ultimate (desktop) FSX ASN FSUIPC 4.936 PC2 WIN7 HOME (laptop) FSC 9.5 build 31 JUL14 PFPX TOPCAT wideFS7 AIRAC 1410 REV 1 Down load Version Ok my problem is I don't enough about networking and the FSC manual is not current for win 7 so I'm having a hard time with it. On both PC's I can see each other in my computer. I have WIDEFS opened and it says it's waiting for a connection? When I run FSC 9.5 DATABASE it does not see my FSX drive on PC1 So far none of my programs on PC1 seems to be connecting to PC1 (fsx)? I guess I need a tutorial on how to properly configure the network? Don
  2. Volker Okay thanks for the clarification. Now as far as the KATL-EGLL route goes I could not deplicate it, but I had better succes today compling this route. Here is the route string: KATL AJFEB J14 ATL AJFEB SPA J37 GVE J150 GRACO J42 AGARD J150 OOD J42 DAVYS J191 RBV J222 LAURN J42 BOS J575 LEXAK COLOR RONPO 4750N 4940N 5030N 5220N LIMRI XETBO EGLL
  3. FSC 9.2.1 Build 11 FEB 13 FSX DB 3/1/13 AIRAC 1302 DOWN LOADED FROM FSC SITE I'm trying to network my laptop and desktop computers so I will be able to run FSC on the laptop and be able to enjoy the full screen mode for FSX ON THE DESKTOP. My problem comes with the instructions in the help guide. I'm using win7 64 bit and the interface between whats in the guide and what I have are different. I do not want to assume here and make mistakes so If you could please help me set this up. My fsx is on a dedicated ssd drv. Thanks DON
  4. Volker How is that accomplished when using the method in the help guide (Adding a NATrack to a flight plan)? Or this is a manual way of inserting way points? I could not duplicate what you showed in your post. I also tried creating a flt pln using the NATRACK from KATLEGLL. See Pics! It's the steps that are laid out in the guide that is causing this situation for me. Now a work around is for me to use a flt pln like from Flightaware and copy it into FSC. Don
  5. FSX GOLD EDITION FSUIPC 4.758 FSC 9.2 / DB MGR VER# 5/26/12, BUILD 02 MAY 12 DWN LOADED FROM YOUR SITE WIN 7 64BIT Okay I'm trying to make a flt pln from KLAX-RJAA using PACOT. I'm following the instruction for loading of NA TRACKS but after I add the PACOTS to my flt pln, I press the High ALT Plan Tab and I get a flt pln that take me to HI then back east towards the west coast before it track the proper pacots track H?? Here is the route string: KLAX FIM J7 LAX C1316 DINTY R576 OGG V15 CKH V12 GRITL V13 JOELE V12 MAGGI V13 TOADS R463 ALLBE PTRACK H EMRON RJAA Thanks Don
  6. Humm! I'm more confused now! mopperl I just tried (FSC9.2\Flightplan\FSC) and I can import my flt plns into AS2012, which is great!, but I can also do it the way it is in the second pic? And that was my orginal problem I could not import my FSC flt plns into AS2012 because I had my paths wrong, so, when I changed the path to see pic #2 I was able to import flt plns into AS2012. I thought I had it right that way? LOL Don
  7. Okay, this first pic is showing my flt plns in the following folder ( C:\Users\DonB\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files) Now that flt pln (KJFKKLAX) is how it looks when opened with note pad? Now in this second pic, I found these flt plns the exact duplicates of the ones I could not Import into AS2012 in C:\Users\DonB\Documents) but look , it has the correct info as the ones that do allow me to import? Okay, I just figured my problem out...I had my save directory jacked up in FSC?? It's correct now. See third pic. I had my setup path wrong. Thanks Von for sticking with me and not giving up on me. And thanks Volker for a great product. Don
  8. No, I'm not getting error messages, they just will not import. I'm gonna delete everything and reinstall. Don
  9. 1. FSX 2. FSUIPC 4.758 3. FS Commander and Database Manager Ver 9.2 & build 2 MAY 2012 4. SIMMARKET 5. Operating System (Windows 7 64) Okay for some reason I can no longer import FSC built flt plns into AS2012? I created a flt pln in FSC and saved it to the following folder : C:\Users\DonB\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files. When I go to AS2012 and try to Import it will not load. The funny thing is, I have other flt plns created with FSC and they work. (KBOS-KMIA_X.PLN, KLAS-KSFO_X.PLN) These are the flt plns I can not get to import into AS2012: (KJFKKLAX, KLAXLFPG, KLAXPHNL, KSFOKDFW, PHNLKLAS) See pic of my directory. I have asked this question in the AS2012 FORUM but have not got a resolution yet. Don
  10. Okay my problem is this, I have a single throttle joystick that works for all my aircraft to include payware except with the ES CitationX. I'm being told my joystick has to be properly calibrated with FSUIPC. Well, my problem is I don't know how to properly calibrate using FSUIPC OR is it even necessary for a single throttle joystick?
  11. Okay that fix'd the alignment problem with the acft taxing on the taxiways, but when you initially load KSEA on the rwy, it still lines up left of the rwy centerline? My other concern is I have alot of other scenery airports installed and I'm having issues with dbl parking at gates, acft not centered on the gates and acft just at random positions at the airport. Not sure how to fix these problems? Don
  12. A) WIN XP SP3 B) FS9 W 9.1 C) C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Addon Scenery\MyWorldAirports\scenery D) MyTraffic 2006(simMarket Edition) I'm having issues with AI traffic not aligned properly at airports. It appears it just with my add-on scenery airports.The acft are parked on top of each other in the building, at flytampa ksea the AI traffic taxis in the grass and lineup to the left centerline of the rwy. See PIC. Is there a reset switch? LOL don
  13. Hey David try this site http://www.jdtllc.com/ RADAR CONTACT 4.3 you input your flt pln data in RC and it uses this info for your ATC CHATTER. Hope this helps Don
  14. After removing FSHOTSFX from FS9 in order to use RadarContact v4.3 I keep getting an FSUIPC INI ERROR. See attached. Don
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