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  1. Hi Peter, after I installed 5.13 Some buttons that I configured via Linda do not work anymore. Also, they can no longer be controlled with the keyboard. My friend had also problems with some programmed keys we switched back to version 5.124a. Everything works again. Thanks Frank from EDDM
  2. Hi Pete, i know you are working on it. To your Information, Linda do not find FSUIPC and is not working. I copy back my Module Ordner with FSUIPC 5.122a that is working for me. Frank from EDDM
  3. Hi Peter, thanks for your help. i contact the Linda Support for help. frank from EDDM
  4. Hi Pete, sorry about my bad englisch. No nothing works no input- outputt - Linda found it , i will use FSUIPC 1. FSUIPC do not Shows anything when i press ore move a Switch on the Overhead (Buttons and Switches) My other Controllers like X52 are working with fsuipc. Why is linda find the Switch when i move a button. 2. FSUIPC found no keypess . Nothing will be shown to connect a Funktion. 3. I never Test a other aircraft. i have all Offsets ( Codes ) for every command an LED from a Company that make the electronics for the 737 Overhead. http://www.uweschneider.de/Download.php When i start this Programm an turn on a Switch i get the Offset. Alsow for the Gauges an Leds. Frank
  5. I have a Tool to read out all Funktions and codes for the Panel. http://www.uweschneider.de/Download.php
  6. Hi Peter, First of all, I wish you a happy new year. For some days I own a Cockpitsonic 737 USB overhead I want to use with my P3D V4.1 and my PMDG. https://cockpitsonic.de/shop/b737-overhead-panel. I have the driver from Cockpitsonic in use. https://cockpitsonic.de/shop/b737-overhead-panel If I start the driver Exe I can Switch at FSUIPC Settings choose what protocol I want to use. Unfortunately when I load my plane and open FSUIPC no switch from FSUIPC will be detected. Unfortunately, I can not make an assignment. Not even if I put on Project Magenta. FSUIPC will not find a switch. What surprised me in Linda, all switches are found. Have already done a lot of assignments. But unfortunately there can be assigned no rotary switches. Also, the LED displays can not be configured. Maybe you can help me there. You need it for sure a macro. Why does Linda not find the switches and FSUIPC? Maybe you found a solution to use the Offsets from the Panel witch PMDG 737 NGX (P3D V 4.1) Sorry about my bad englisch writing. I use google Frank from EDDM
  7. Good Morning Pete, thanks all is now working with 4.964 Frank
  8. Good morning Pete, thanks for your good Support. I will waiting for the new Version from FSUIPC. (Win 10 and X52 Pro ist crazzy !!!!) Before i make a Change or a install in my Module Folder i make a copy of it. So i am save and can go back without Problems. Maybe you can integreate a scrippt that save the old FSUIPC Version to go back. Like Ezdok 2. When you update the new Version the old Version will be zippt. Greatings from EDDM Frank
  9. Hi Pete, FSUIPC 4.963 works very good. Today i install 4.963f an the problem is back that P3D is starting an then P3D in going from the screen. In the Taskmanager is P3D running. I have this problem for weeks. You fixed the Problem - at this time is it back. Many Users had this problem... Sorry about my bad englisch.. Frank
  10. Hallo Pete, i can not find the entry PlannedAirportsPreference in my fsuipc.ini I have installed FSUIPC4963 Frank
  11. Thanks Pete, this are my Settings that i use from the beginning. [Traffic Limiter] TrafficLimit=100 AirportPreference=70 GroundPreference=20 NearerPreference=70 I do not know that Traffic Limiter is set up to 100. I read that is from 1-99 I will test this with 200 and PlannedAirportsPreference i will test with 50 Frank
  12. Hallo Pete, I need only a few hints. Unfortunately, it is not easy to see everything. So many people with different Options. I would like to find a middle value and just wanted the Settings from the developer. In each forum there are different opinions on the settings. That's why I want to know your values Sorry about my bad englisch...i use google Frank
  13. Hi Pete, please can you Post your Settings for me: I use UT2 with P3D 3.4 HF3 [Traffic Limiter] TrafficLimit=xx AirportPreference=xx GroundPreference=xx NearerPreference=xx PlannedAirportsPreference=xx Thanks from EDDM Frank
  14. Hi Pete, here is writing Frank from EDDM. I send you a Post about the not working FSUIPC 4939m with Linda(Lua) (VR Insight Combo Panel) At this time a test your FSUIPC 4939n_Test.zip. I have copy the fsuipc.dll in my modules start the fsx and make a Test, It is working..... After my next flight a send you a Post about the working from Version (n) Perfect...........i hope you found the Problem...... Thanks about my bad englisch. Frank from EDDM
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