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  1. Hi Bob You would need to install UTLive, then backup all the soundai.cfg's then you can install Traffic3D_Sounds for UTLive.
  2. Hello Bob I am sorry you have had problems with uninstalling the Sounds, If you had looked in the UTLive Aircraft folder you would have found a folder called "Traffic3D_Sounds" ,this is where all the sounds are located, also there should be an uninstaller.The Soundai folder which contains the Soundai.cfg are overwritten with the aliases pointing towards Traffic3D_Sounds folder then to the respective sounds that your Aircraft is using.I should say that all the Soundai.cfg' should be backed up in case as you have in uninstalling Traffic3D_Sounds,.Its my fault and I take full responsibility
  3. One other thing Have you installed the Update? It contains 3 new sound files for the A321 A340 and the B737 Please email if you hav'nt
  4. Hello Eduardo I am sorry but I have had no reports of this nature.Thing you may wish to check or try: I assume your are using Prepar3D_v4_Academic_4.1.7.22841 or above? 1. Check your PR3D cfg found in your C:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 and check that your SOUND LOD=0 and not 1. 2.If you have a Creative Sound card, go to you Creative folder then select Alchemy,click on the orange Alchemy EXE and setup Alchemy to go into PR3D folder,this will ensure your sound card uses the latest DirectX Sounds. You will find it installs several files called DSoun
  5. Hello Chris I think we went over quite a lot of your points when you emailed me! No there is no difference between Traffic3D_Sounds and Traffic3D_Sound for Ultimate Traffic Live,however there is a big difference between the standard Traffic_Sounds and Traffic3D_Sounds,regarding sound adjustments,yes that can be done,but you would have to edit each soundai.cfg in the CAB files.
  6. Sergio Please let everyone know what your trouble was:- You purchased Traffic3D_Sounds Ultimate Live when you have Ultimate Traffic2 Alan
  7. Every add-on shows errors in the Contents editor,
  8. Further more If you was to use FS Sound studio http://www.fssoundstudio.com/help/ rename the soundai.cfg to sound you will se my friend there are no errors and all parameters are correct!
  9. Hello Michel I have not got a clue what you are saying, where are you getting errors from?
  10. Please anyone else having the same problem, please download the update from https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/E96xLIw8EY Make sure you copy all files into your C:\Program Files\Flight One Software\Ultimate Traffic Live\utLive Aircraft folder overwrite when prompted! Regards Alan
  11. Hello Sergio I am sorry about this, there must have been some corruption in transit,however you can download an update from update https://btcloud.bt.com/web/app/share/invite/E96xLIw8EY Make sure you copy all files into your C:\Program Files\Flight One Software\Ultimate Traffic Live\utLive Aircraft folder overwrite when prompted! Regards Alan
  12. Hello Tony You could try the engine slider, lots depend on your sound card and speakers. It would be an idea to go into your device manager and remove all sound devices you don't have!.There is another problem ,maybe you were looking at some default aircraft, they are not setup to use Traff3D Sounds Regards Alan
  13. Hello Sergio Are you referring to Traffic3D_Sounds or Traffic3D_Sounds for UTLive? Regards Alan
  14. Hello Clayton/Rayl First make sure in your you LOD=0 and not 1 in your FSX/PR3D.cfg,there is another reason why some aircraft that you hear are as they were originally is that you may be looking at default aircraft, they all need to be aliased to Traffic3D_Sounds Alan
  15. Hello All You must install the sounds first, this then installs a folder called Trafic3D_Sounds into your SimObjects/Misc directory. Now you can select the alias installers from the same installer that you selected for your sounds.If by chance you are looking or MTV6 alias installer you will need to go to Flightsim.com and search for Alias installer you will then find the MTV6 alias installer.Please read the directions carefully. Just a note, Please don't tamper with the CAB files inside the Traffic3D_Sound folder as they are all formatted. Alan
  16. Hello Rick MTV6 Alias installer on Flightsim https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?searchid=58249773 Regards Alan
  17. They are the same sounds as Traffic3D_Sounds for FSX & PR3D,go to simmarket,you will find the video there! Regards Alan
  18. Hello Cloudster Go on Flightsim. com Then file libaries,then search for:- FSX MTV6 Alias Installer, if you have no luck contact me! Regards Alan
  19. Hello Cloudster The Traffic3D_sounds for FSX & PR3D will work for WOAI and SPAI, as you can appreciate WOAI have produced thousands of AI aircraft therefor it is imossible to produce all of the aliases.I would not know which ones you have? Maybe I can help you if you email me :- alan-constable@sky.com Regards Alan
  20. Hopefully Simmarket will soon release Traffic3D_Sounds for the new Ultimate Traffic Live. If you purchase it please make a backup copy,as you will need it because every time UTL releases an upate,they tend to re-install their default sounds.
  21. MTV6 Alias Installer can now be found on :-https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?searchid=58042904&page=2 This installer is Freeware! Alan Constable
  22. Hello Rick I have uploaded the MTV6 Alias installer on Flightsim, I will publish the path when it is up!
  23. Hello Pete I have been monitoring my IPC which worked fine using previous version of FSUIPC by logging then using 024C in Offset and Type S32 with FS Title bar selected, With the same settings and it is not working in the FSUIPC5 for some reason it just records as =0 all the time when I run PR3D V4, got any ideas what I may be doing wrong? Running Win 10 64bit PMDG 747 PMDG 777-200 PMDG 77-300 ER ORBX Scenery Regards Alan
  24. MyTraffic 6 came out well after Traffic3D_Sounds was released. No one knew where any of the files were to be installed, MyTraffic did release an earlier version the alias installer was supplied.
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