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  1. Pete You are correct in your assumption that Live View is equivalent to an improved version of WidevieW and Live Camera is (or will soon be) equivalent to EzDok. At present the OpusFSX Live Camera does not include DHM (Dynamic Head Movement) or 'camera shake' but this feature will soon be added. In our opinion the use of real life captured 3D accelerometer data (in combination with the current sim data) is far better than trying to mimic something by tweeking a number of sine wave generators, nor do I like overriding the FSX keyboard and button settings. I think EzDok is excellent, have used it in the past myself - but I now use OpusFSX. So in my honest opinion the answer to your question is a resounding YES. You don't need a networked system to use Live Camera, but OpusFSX supports this feature should you wish to expand your system in the future, or perhaps make use of a spare laptop. All camera views on the client systems (PCs or Laptops) can be created, managed and controlled from the main server PC. Also, once we have developed the Live Traffic feature then OpusFSX will combine the functions of both WidevieW and WideTraffic at a much reduced cost, whilst still including Live Camera and an excellent device driver for the CPFlight MCP and EFIS panels. The drivers are included because we think the CPFlight panels are excellent. Please download and try the demo (OpusFSX.msi) from our website www.opussoftware.co.uk/opusfsi.htm , in the mean time we will arrange to send you an 'eCoupon' for a free copy. Best Regards Stephen
  2. Pete Our OpusFSX product has just been released and I can confirm we are currently using your excellent FSUIPC4 SDK for the following, Reading the sim clock Reading the gear, flaps, and external light status Reading the current aircraft name Pausing the sim Releasing the parking brake Turning on the master battery We have also used FSUIPC4 to interface the CPFlight MCP737PRO and EFIS737PRO panels to the 'standard' FSX aircraft. We are just about to release the interface for the superb PMDG 737NGX aircraft (using the PMDG 737NGX SDK). I had assumed from your documentation you are very happy for developers to make use of the SDK. We have also recommended that people register a copy of FSUIPC4 in our OpusFSX User Guide (we purchased and registered a copy ourselves). I should point out that you cannot display or control a CDU on a networked 'client' machine using OpusFSX. Our Live View feature allows client systems to be synchronized for the purpose of displaying exterior 'scenic' and external 'aircraft' views. For example, to create a panoramic vista, or simply use a laptop to select different external aircraft views etc. On networked systems, internal views (eg.panels) are displayed on the main 'flying' server PC, it is not possible to control the aircraft or its systems from the client system displays. The benefit of networking the system is that you can offload a great deal of the processing from your main server by letting the client machines display the exterior and external views. Hence you can expand the system without degrading its performance. An additional benefit is that you can create wide panoramic displays with ease, the sort of panoramic views needed for total immersion, very important to cockpit builders both small and large. On networked systems, the main 'flying' server PC operates the same as it would on a standalone, single PC, system. Providing the same assortment of interior (cockpit), exterior (scenic), and external (aircraft) views; and hence, provides the means to monitor and control the aircraft and its systems. In addition, the Live View and Live Camera networked links with the secondary client systems (PCs or Laptops) allows a variety of exterior (scenic) and external (aircraft) client system views to be created and controlled. If desired, a number of exterior views can be used on a multi-screened system to create a panoramic vista. All views are created and controlled centrally from the server system. On networked systems, the Live View connections automatically synchronizes the aircraft's current position, attitude, flaps, gear and lighting configuration, simulator's date/time, along with either your chosen weather theme or the full Metar weather for the surrounding area. Of course you can use the software on a standalone single PC system, the Live Camera feature provides excellent camera creation, control and docking. Live Camera will soon feature realistic DHM (Dynamic Head Movement) or camera shake options using a combination of the current SimConnect variables and captured real life 3D accelerometer data. Best regards Stephen Percy Opus Software
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