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  1. When in the section for assigning Key Presses, FSX locks up every time as soon as I start to enter in any field. I then have to go to the task manager and end FSX. Any idea why this would happen? Thanks a lot, Howard
  2. Sorry Pete, I completely forgot about the drop down assignments list in FSUIPC. These "senior moments" are coming on much too frequesntly lately. I will check tonight. Thanks again, Howard
  3. Well Pete, I did first look in the FSX assignments and could not find any relative commands to increase and/or decrease the frequencies for either the units or the fractions.
  4. Pete, If it is possible, could you please give an example on setting the Saitek throttle buttons to set the com frequencies? Thanks a lot, Howard Bloom
  5. Thanks Pete. I did find the thread you referred to. That, along with the advanced manual, is going to take some serious reading. At least I now know that it is possible. Thanks again, Howard
  6. Hi Pete, I am using the Saitel Pro Yoke & Throttles, which are capable of using 3 modes. Is it possible to program the 3 modes within the FSUIPC software, and if so, how? I searched the forum and couldn't find this topic. Thank you and best regards, Howard
  7. Got it.................Thanks a lot.
  8. Now that I have uninstalled My Traffic X, how do I get the default traffic back? Thanks, Howrad
  9. Hi Jaap, I am not sure how to "( but the sound file, that unfortunately has to be modied out of the MyTraffic structure.)" What does that mean and what other steps should I do after restoring the My Trafic X folder? Thanks a LOT, Howard
  10. Hi Burkhard, As far as I know, I am not experiencing any problems as a result of the sound file. I still have the My Traffic X folder in the 'recycle bin'. Should I restore it? If so, then what should I do after the restore? Or, should I just leave well enough alone?? Burkhard, if you would like to e=mail me, I will explain. mailto:howieb60137@yahoo.com Thanks a lot, Howard
  11. Yes ;-) I don't remember having to make a copy of the FSX sound folder/
  12. Burkhard, I think I found the answer above in this thread: "How to cleanly remove MyTraffic with minimal risk." Thanks again, Howard
  13. Hi Burkhard, I am doing some testing and would like to know the correct procedure to completely uninstall My Traffic X. I already deactivated it from the scenery library but want to try a complete uninstall. Thanks a lot, Howard
  14. Thank you very much for the quick repky. Great respose. Howard
  15. If I wanted to test some settings, how would I revert back to the default traffic? Just as if My Traffic X were uninstalled. If I can't do that, then how do I uninstall My Traffic X? Thanks a lot, Howard
  16. Hi Peter, Why are the options greyed out on the 'Buttons & Switches" tab? Attached are snapshots of the FSUIPC applicable screen and the Game Controllers screen in the Control Panel, indicating I am using the CH Control Manager software to make assignments to mycontrollers. Thanks, Howard
  17. Hi Pete, If I am using the CH Control Manager in mapped mode in FSX, can I still program the joystick axes and buttons in FSUIPC? Thanks, Howard
  18. Hi Pete, Sorry to bother you, but I just installed a new system and I cannot locate my FSUIPC registration. :cry: Could you please resend it to me? Thanks a lot, Howard
  19. Thank you for your replies and help. I am off to experiment.......again.
  20. Hi Pete, If I am using the CH Control Manager software in mapped mode, will FSUIPC still see my CH Yoke and Throttle and will I be able to assign keystrokes and axis assignments within FSUIPC? Thanks a lot, Howard
  21. Thanks Pete- Yes, it is Wide FS that I need and was confused with wideview. I want to use FS Commander on the lap top, and Wide FS, I believe, will do that job just fine. Thanks again, Howard
  22. Hi Pete, I just received a new lap top, and I, of course, want to incorporate it with my FS program. I guess I am a little confused, again. Are Wide FS and MaxiVista used together, are they complimentary or do they both provide the same function and do the same thing? Thanks a lot, Howard
  23. This is the new CH Throttle Quadrant with 6 axes, and each has a detent. The area travelled below the detent is for reverse thrust and/or braking. The idle value (-14518) is the value at the detent as shown in the FSUIPC page with 4 throttles. I did not use the page 1 throttle setting at all. I will try again tonight and see if I can figure this whole thing out. :wink: Thanks again, Howard
  24. Hi Peter, I know this subject has a long history, but I just purchased the CH Throttle Quadrant and was callibrating the TQ in FSUIPC and these are the values for each of the 4 throttles: Rev -16065, Idle -14518, and Max +16065 Do these values look correct to you, in order to provide reverse thrust, where available? Am I supposed to set 'reverse thrust' anywhere else in order to achieve it? I have not been successful getting Reverse Thrust to work, and I have also been discussing this with Bob Church, who, you know, authored the wonderful Control Manager software for CH. The values in CM after callibrating are: Detent 240; Reverse 255; Maximum 0 Bob concurred that these numbers look good. Thanks a lot, Howard
  25. Hi Pete, I am using the CH USB Yoke, Throttle & Pedals and I have the three levers assigned in FS2004 as follows: Left lever as the prop adjustment Center lever as throttle #1 Right lever as throttle #2 Is it possible to assign a hot key within FSUIPC to toggle back & forth between the above assignments and the following: Left lever as all throttles Center lever as prop Right lever as mixture I like to use the first set of assignments on twin props and the second for all other planes. Thanks a lot, Howard
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