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  1. I think i know what he means...if i start from cold and dark, i can't move the lever out of the bottom right position with either my throttle or prop lever...have to use the mouse to get it in the left slot position...
  2. yes and it does work....and I also tried H:AS3000_TSC_Horizontal_BottomKnob_Push and it affected both touch screen displays at the same time...while H:AS3000_TSC_Horizontal_1_BottomKnob_Push only affected the pilot touch screen... interesing hein ?...lol
  3. ok without any addons for the TBM or the G3000, it still works.. H:AS3000_TSC_Horizontal_1_BottomKnob_Small_DEC While in MDF mode, the range decrease as i rotate the rotary which is mapped to this variable via the button assignments in FSUIPC. In fact, all my variables with a _1_ in the hvar file works...(all 12 PFD softkeys for example)... With the Working title G3000 mod installed, version 0.6.1, still works... With my TBM mod (aircraft-tbm930x_1.14.5.0_LfSPW) and the G3000 mod, still works... Cheers,
  4. Not sure what they are called...i actually have 2 (don't use them together).. I will go to the sim shortly and report
  5. I wll test with and without my mods and report a bit later...
  6. This is certainly very interesting... here are my HVAR file, my macro file and my FSUIPC config file... and I can confirm that all of these buttons works in my cockpit with the latest version of the work title garmin 3000 with the TBM 930. I also opened the model behaviour window in the dev mode of MSFS2020 and open the AS580 submenu and i can see the hvars with the _1_... Maybe John can explain what is going on if some of you can make it work without putting the _1_ in the var name for the PFD and TCS variables...for the MFD, you don't need the _1_ because there is only one MFD... Cheers, Daniel FSUIPC7.ini TBM.hvar TBM930.mcro
  7. They work for me with the tbm... But i just realize that i use a mod for the tbm...and a mod for the g3000...
  8. John, here's my first version of the hvar file for the TBM. It is probably not complete but it covers the G3000. Cheers, TBM.hvar
  9. Replace the * by the substring match to the aircraft title for example, TBM 930.hvar
  10. 👍 I am learning...get to realize what FSUIPC can do...😀
  11. thanks guys...really appreciate...i was using event.Offset for 0D0C but not with the mask..it is a good way to do it...and rgr for checking for 0...i also noticed that the return value was not 1 but 4 with the example above...
  12. it is working fine with Lua...just have to practice with it...have not programmed lua in a long while... thanks
  13. ok got it...thanks... one question about offsets and bits...can you pls explain offset 0D0C... basically, i want to turn on a goflight modules LED when landing lights are ON, taxi lights are ON, etc... i don't quite understand the bits 0 to 9...how can I check offset 0D0C and these bits to know which lights are ON or OFF ? You have excellent documentation and I am sure it is explained somewhere but i failed to find something about this... Cheers, Daniel
  14. Hi, i want to use fsuipc with my goflight modules. With the new fsuipc wasm module, i would like fsuipc to be my only addon to interact with my goflight modules and my usb controller boards. I have created a simple lua file to turn on and off landing gear lights with my goflight module. Works great with green and orange colors and blank reading the offsets. But what is the most efficient way to make this a continious loop ? Thanks for your help Daniel
  15. John, is there a specific way to name Hvar files for the wasm module ? I named mine TBM930 and it did not work but i changed it to just TBM and it works. I did not find a reference to this in the doc. When I am done with the file, I will post it here. Cheers, Daniel
  16. So john, any progress on turning on leds on goflight modules ? Thanks
  17. ok got it to work...had a mistake in the extension name.... will do more tests and report.. thanks daniel
  18. Hi, I think I am getting close but I seem to be missing something about macros to control LVARS... I want to control the XMLVAR_APTRIM Lvar for the TBM930. I have created a macro named: XMLVAR_APTRIM.mcro and put it in my main FSUIPC folder. It has 2 lines: [Macros] 1=L:XMLVAR_APTRIM=Set,0 I don't see this command in the drop down menu for assigning a button ? Thanks for your help. Daniel
  19. Looking for instructions on how to retreive lvars and hvars from msfs2020... I tried to find vars for the TBM in the dev mode but not exactly sure where to look in the model behavior ? Thanks
  20. Rgr..i will start creating one for the TBM...for example, the init seperator switch controls an hvar...
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