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  1. FS Commander 8

    Résolu Merci
  2. FS Commander 8

    Good evening, Here are some pictures of the problem. All starts normally, and here is the result Regards Jean-Robert
  3. FS Commander 8

    Salut, Le mail vient de partire. Cordialement Loupa24
  4. FS Commander 8

    Hello Volker, I just copy the folder adon scenery and nothing happens, I noticed a problem with the database, the one he makes me not even a scene created by the ADE and other airport I put a tiny simple line and nothing else not even a taxiway or runway. It's not the first time I put up own scenes about FSC 8 but the first time that I did something like it. I uninstalled and re installed the FSC8 I can not find the problem, restart my computer after each uninstall the software. Where have the problem, by the way he did well the first time and install the second database it efface the airport, and it appears twice in the ICAO codes. :???: :???: :???: :???: :???: Sincerely Loupa24
  5. FS Commander 8

    Hello Volker , What tool do you use to change at the airport? Airport Design Editor What is the name of the file that was created after that? . bgl In the folder where you copied the new file? scenery in the folder / lfvc / Scenery / file lfvc.bgl Sincerely, Loupa24
  6. FS Commander 8

    Hello, I have a question you ask, In the FSC Database, I would like to add SID / STAR, Jetway and Fixes for our new airport. When I did the first time the FSCDbManager, my airport was detected with the ILS etc. When I do the updating on my airport nothing just a point and the airport is gone. As we create a lot of FSX, I would s'avoir how do you get it all inside. Sincerely Loupa24 PS: I am under FSC 8