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  1. Hi, If you know some C++ and Win32api,you could get the handle of those sliders with MS Spy++, and use an external program to move them for you.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to write a DME-HOLD function: in short: I can use DME lat/long to do this (0x0880, 0x0884) but i also need the elevation (just like you get elevation data of vor1) Pete, is it possible to find this data and give it an offset? Edit: Offset needs to be available for FS2002... More about dme hold: every vor/dme beacon has 2 frequency's. By selecting a vor freq in a today's navcom, the dme receiving frequency is paired from the vor frequency, and automaticly selected by your dme equipment. lots of IR rated aircraft have a "dme-hold" function. This function lets a pilot 'ho
  3. Hi, I want to know how to detect if a user reset's his flight. ( Because my addon program needs to reset itself too then) I'm sure i saw this question here before, but i couldnt find it in the forum search results. Thanks, Wim Van Ertvelde
  4. Indeed, doing motion is all about getting the accelerations and pitchrollyaw angles out (and that's only 3 axis of movement) 6 axis is way more difficult btw, you also need an algorithm to 'wash out' the motion. ex: you fly straight, and then you bank 10° to the left, after 5 seconds, you bank 20° to the left Motion platform responds something like this: bank to the left to achieve same level of acceleration you feel, and return to normal again(this is the wash-out procedure), after 5 seconds, bank to the left again. You need wash out, because the range of motion is always limited. I
  5. like already said in this forum, there is already an sdk for it at xsquawkbox.com. and that sdk covers a lot more then the fsuipc interface.. you can even draw your own opengl objects in the xplane renderer !! a default x-plane also provides an UDP interface, so you can read or overwrite every offset that xplane uses. The bad thing is, that it tends to change the protocol with every version that comes out :( (i programmed my own netwerk udp interface once, as a plugin for xplane)
  6. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops: Well, my program worked, but the updaterate is very low. Having 1 fs2004 and 2 wideclients open, and sending data through them to the 2 client pc's who are running wideserver can't be faster than 400msec (i was trying to duplicate wideview for a moment hehehe) I guess i have to create my own module with network capabilities to send data to some clients.
  7. Indeed, i accidently copied wideclient.exe (v5.5) instead of using the 6.101 one. It works now :oops:
  8. Hi Pete, You once told me that I could use "ClassInstance=nn" in the wideclient.ini file. This would enable me to send data to multiple computers that have fs2004+wideserver running. (i modified the lib_source, so my program can talk to each FS98MAIN0x class seperatly) Is this 'Classinstance=nn' still supported ? I can't run the wideclient (with classname fs98main01) toghether with FS2004 anymore. My goal is to have one PC (server which runs FS2004) connected to 3 clients (also running fs2004), and provide those 3 clients with the same data. (Kinda what wideview from luciano does, but d
  9. there already was some post here where Pete described all about himself. I suggest you spit trough some topics :) Regards, Wim
  10. this is very strange indeed... the only problem I ever had, and produced similar faults, was a bad networkcable. It was a selfmade one, and the pairs weren't twisted at some spots (due to rolling up and rolling out the cable a lot). try to ping the pc's or send some large file over to one another. Kind Regards, Wim
  11. It's not possible to make them 'offsets'. They are already in there, you only need to read them out, and program your functionality yourself. Low RPM is different for every helicopter type, and it's programmed within the gauge. You can read out the "Engine1 N1/N2" parameter, which indicates rotor rpm from 0-100% as a 0-16768 value. - The Fuel valve in FS is actually the mixture analog. - increase/decrease RPM is the propellor analog. - Low Fuel indicator: all the logic for that is done within the gauges. the gauge looks for the 'CenterFuelTank' variable, and if it's below a certa
  12. did you try the timer alone, without the fsuipc connection ? if it only happens with fsuipc in it, try to see the fsuipc 'log' files.. Kind Regards, Wim
  13. Wow, that's quite a long holiday! :) Then again, you deserve it ! Have a nice holiday Pete. Regards, Wim
  14. this is sad indeed, but you should have mailed the links to pete's email, in stead of sharing them on the forum. I think it's easy for pete to just disable his serial number in the upcoming update... that way he needs to register again. :wink: Kind Regards, Wim
  15. thanks, but i already tried those.. they're all read only :(
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