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  1. Hi Pete, I am happy to report success. Made sure I had your latest update and all Goflight modules are functioning correctly (FSUIPC 4.586). Thanks for your outstanding support. Regards, pumrigar
  2. Hi Pete, In FSX the version of FSUIPC is 4.583. I am pasting the log below minus my registration info. ********* FSUIPC4, Version 4.583 by Pete Dowson ********* Reading options from "E:\FSX\Modules\FSUIPC4.ini" Trying to connect to SimConnect Acc/SP2 Oct07 ... FSUIPC4 Key is provided WideFS7 Key is provided Running inside FSX on Windows 7 (using SimConnect Acc/SP2 Oct07) Module base=61000000 Wind smoothing fix is fully installed DebugStatus=255 32 System time = 08/02/2010 19:16:56 32 FLT UNC path = "\\FSX\FSX_DOCS\" 32 FS UNC path = "\\FSX\FSX\" 266 LogOptions=00000000 00000001 266 SimConnect_Open succeeded: waiting to check version okay 1516 Running in "Microsoft Flight Simulator X", Version: 10.0.61472.0 (SimConnect: 10.0.61259.0) 1516 Initialising SimConnect data requests now 1516 FSUIPC Menu entry added 1563 \\FSX\FSX_DOCS\My Default Flight.FLT 1563 \\FSX\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\C172\Cessna172SP.AIR 28188 GoFlight GF45 detected: 3 devices 28188 GoFlight GFP8 detected: 2 devices 28188 GoFlight GFT8 detected: 3 devices 28188 GoFlight GFLGT detected: 1 device 28188 GoFlight GF166 detected: 3 devices 28188 GoFlight GFMCP detected: 1 device 28188 GoFlight GF46 detected: 1 device 28750 System time = 08/02/2010 19:17:25, Simulator time = 19:17:00 (01:17Z) 28750 Aircraft="Cessna Skyhawk 172SP Paint1" 29579 Advanced Weather Interface Enabled 109907 Sim stopped: average frame rate for last 81 secs = 27.7 fps 134344 System time = 08/02/2010 19:19:11, Simulator time = 19:17:46 (01:17Z) 134344 *** FSUIPC log file being closed Average frame rate for running time of 88 secs = 27.8 fps Memory managed: 43 Allocs, 43 Freed ********* FSUIPC Log file closed *********** I tried one more thing. This time when FSX loaded (FSUIPC 4.583) I said no for loading Goflight. After FSX was fully loaded at the default flight I manually ran GFDevFSX.exe. This time it all worked fine. Not sure what that means though. Regards, pumrigar
  3. Hi Pete, I tried the update. First I updated to ver 4.57 again and then copied the update posted above to my modules folder. The problem remains as follows: 1. On the GF-46 and GF-166, I can get the displays to light up (including the label) and function correctly by pressing the buttons and rotating the dials. 2. On the GF-45, rotating either dial lights up the numbers but the label remains blank. I apologize if I did not make this clear in my original post but this is the same behaviour as before. If I remove GFDev.dll from the Goflight folder, every module functions correctly regardless of FSUIPC version. I do not run FS9 so cant test that. Regards, pumrigar
  4. Hi Ian, Entirely up to you and Pete but I dont mind at all. Far as I'm concerned the more input the better. Like you its not super urgent in my case as I have a work around. Thanks, pumrigar
  5. On the Goflight website the latest version is listed as 1.90.4 . My version of windows is 7 (64 bit) and FSX is the only program I run on it. Regarding the modules, yes the labels on the GF-45 & GF-46 (top and left) do not light up. If I turn a dial, the numbers light up and appear to function normally but the labels remain off. The GF-166 has no label but the numbers will light if I press a button and appear to read correctly. Thanks.
  6. My version of GFDev.dll was . I downloaded ver 1.93.07 from your updates. Here is what I found: 1. With FSUIPC at 4.53 either version of GFDev.dll works fine. 2. With FSUIPC 4.57 or 4.58x either version of GFDev.dll does not work. 3. If I totally remove (rename) GFDev.dll, all versions of FSUIPC work fine (I do not assign any Goflight switches through FSUIPC) 4. I already tried downloading and reinstalling the latest Goflight software but with no success. Basically removing GFDev.dll does the trick. Also when FSX (SP2 btw) starts the version of GFDEVFSX.exe is Hope you are not too concerned as I dont see any similar posts. It may just be my system. Atleast I found out that GFDev.dll is not needed for my modules to work.
  7. Thanks for the response. I tried the update but no go. I then restored my entire system from a recent backup and all is working now (FSUIPC is version 4.53). I tried renaming the dll in the modules folder and installing the one from the update but the problem immediately recurred so I am stuck at the moment with 4.53. Its something with my system and FSUIPC versions greater than 4.53. As long as there is no need to update I,m ok at the moment.
  8. I just upgraded a registered version of FSUIPC for FSX to the latest version (4.57). I am now having a strange problem with my Goflight Modules. Upon starting FSX, everything seems fine and the modules all light up, FSX loads the default flight and the modules go dark. So far all is ok. Upon engine start, some of the modules now fail to light up. Specifically GF-166, GF-45, GF-46. If I press a button on them the numbers light up but the labels are blank. I have tried: 1. Reistalling and rerunning the latest GFConfig. 2. Temporarily removing the FSUIPC dll from the modules folder (This fixes the problem but obviously no FSUIPC loads now). 3. Tried resetting FSUIPC to default settings. My previous version of FSUIPC worked fine (sorry I dont remember the version). FSX is on a dedicated PC with Windows 7 (64 bit), Intel I7 920, 6 GB RAM, EVGA GTX 275, Soundblaster X-Fi Xtremegamer and all the latest drivers. Any help appreciated.
  9. Hi Pete, I am using the registered version of FSUIPC and I know there have been questions about wind smoothing but is it possible to turn winds aloft off totally ? It has gotten to the point where I can no longer fly jets due to violent and sudden changes in the wind direction even with the winds aloft option for FS2004 realweather (or FSMETEO) turned off. FS2004 still generates winds aloft. Thanks, Pesi
  10. Hi, Although I run flight simulator on only 1 PC, I frequently use multiple instances of the WideFS client on different PCs connecting to the server. Will the new licencing allow me to install WideFS on more than 1 PC on my home network or do I have to purchase a copy for each PC ? Thanks, Pesi
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