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  1. Hello :razz: In few days ago, I bougth the MT6. but there is not included for BE55 and PA46? I hope that you will be Included to this of next update. I will be continues update on this post for the my wish models. Thanks Best Regards, Younghoon Choi
  2. Thanks for the advises. so How fix it? modify to aircraft.cfg files? ex lights section. :cry: " I checked through photos on a.net and found on about half of the photos that there are lights up there, others show none, so this is something that needs to be understood why some aircraft have them and others not." where I can found that pictures? are you can it links? perhaps it other aircraft is also comes out of tail beacon light. but in the real is not operated thats light. maybe It is.. MTX 5.4 All 777 is comes out on top of tail beacon? I think so and This is a minor for the reality. also It those A319 A306 and just guess others... New Issue found, 777 is wings strobe light off when take off then on the 10000ft and above 10k is just on beacon lights and also on top of tail beacon and nav lights. because it is both off wings storbe lights and landing lights on 10000ft. also It is bug... :???: How I can modify it? I just waiting for next patch updated?
  3. Sorry It is front radar dome. 744 and 747SP is white strobe on this position in MTX 5.4 http://www.historyofpia.com/743_gs265c.jpg so It is some wrong... :mrgreen:
  4. Thanks for your advises. I didn't check for message pop up.(It is fast closed me) so I tried four times and sorry about them. 744 and 747SP on Airborne Radar is comes out white strobe light what is the problems? or How I can off that?
  5. Recently I bought MTX 5.4. but There is Lights showing problems. 777 on top of tail that the comes out beacon light. 744 on Airborne Radar is comes out strobe light. There's wings of the strobe will not worked. but 777 and 747's wing strobe works sometimes. What the is wrong for Setup? There's also the old painted for Asiana Airlines some B777 registration(HL7XXX) ex HL7500... etc... The schedule is wrong on PANC and might be a little more. ex KAL B744 is not flights via PANC so in the real there is just only Freighter. not the KAL 744 PAX In general. anyway this version is 5.4 and LCD is 1600 x 900. Please advises to me Thanks.
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