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  1. Hi everyone,

    please read our announcement: viewtopic.php?f=155&t=74104


    Sascha & Volker

    The 8.4.2 patch provides a nice workaround, thanks. A true "fix" may be somewhat more elusive. I had been experiencing the failure to download data since 8.4.1 was first installed. Watching the modem activity lights suggested that the download was not even beginning to happen, aborting after a very brief attempt to connect. Then, quite by accident, I had a successful download during an unusual early evening (GMT -7) try. So I began to experiment some more, again being successful late one afternoon. Today, the download failed at around 2210Z but succeeded at around 2303Z, successful again at around 0020Z and again at around 0145Z. I have never seen a successful download in the morning here (1600Z or so).

    Edit: Just tried at 1400Z -- failed.

    Hope this helps track down the "fault" if there is one.


  2. Thanks for your quick solution, Pete. The absent trailing backslash got me wondering why mine was different. I can only suspect that my Registry path entry was modified by some other installer not long before 4.04 was released (earlier installs completed without incident). I shall attempt to determine which one and pass that on to its author.



  3. The Registry path to FSX is indeed as indicated in the log and as it has been without any changes since first installed: SetupPath C:\Games\FSX. Unlike earlier versions of your installer, this one seems to be dropping one of the "FSX" along the way and is looking in C:\Games for FSX.exe instead. I suppose I could have chosen a more unique path when I first installed but I am reluctant to "break" things now.

    I do not regard this as a serious issue now that I have discovered (from your informative install log) what to do to work around it. Yes, I had done as you suggest and merely moved the installed files into the correct \Games\FSX\Modules folder and all is well again. The entry in DLL.xml remains correct regardless. I just thought I would report it in case anyone else stumbled across the anomaly.


  4. Installation fails with the following in the on-screen log:

    Looking in registry for FSX install path:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator\10.0



    Checking version of FSX.EXE:

    Couldn't obtain Version Info! Asking user to find FSX.EXE ...

    User identified path:


    Checking version of FSX.EXE:

    ... Version 10.0.60905.0 (Need 10.0.60905.0)

    Checking compatibility with installed SimConnect:

    ... Okay, Probe Manifest matches an installed SimConnect module

    Checking if there's already a version of FSUIPC4 installed in:


    ... No previous valid version found.

    Error 3 reported creating Modules folder: "The system cannot find the path specified. "

    Failed to place FSUIPC4.DLL into folder as "C:\Games\Modules\FSU\PC4.DLL"

    Error 3 reported ("The system cannot find the path specified. ")

    All paths are accurate but perhaps the installer is confused by the \FSX folder name (C:\Games\FSX\FSX.exe is not being located)? When I put a copy of FSX.exe in the C:\Games folder, the install goes to completion error free and the files are in C:\Games\Modules as might be expected. Odd one....


  5. Could I ask what texture file format(s) are being used for the areas where stutters from scenery loading is being experienced? I have alleviated some other scenery loading stutters in areas with a lot of detail by converting 32-bit and 8-bit textures to DXT1 with mipmaps. I have never found an explanation for this, just the observation. There may be some texture quality loss in the DXT1 format but they often (not always) seem to help smooth out sim performance, both FPS and stuttering, which might be preferable for some. I've also read that varying the distance at which scenery becomes visible can sometimes help?

    I apologize if this is not pertinent at all.



  6. I've found that it is not the AI but the related AFCAD file that can clobber the refuelling area data in FSNav 4.7. One option that I have had some success with is putting the AFCAD file (AF2_*) or files in a scenery folder that is unchecked when creating the FSNav database. This might restore the refuelling data but will miss any additional parking spots from the AFCAD data. Hard to have it all....


  7. I still have a similar problem with AIBridge 2.3, Jose. Running FS2004, connected to FSHost (latest version), and connecting AIBridge to the same FSHost, I can see other player(s) perfectly but I am also being displayed on my TCAS as traffic in red at my location. I have entered my Player Name into AIBridge before connecting and I have tried this several times with other player(s) also seeing themselves as I do. This is not a big deal but is somewhat distracting and not an accurate display of traffic. In one traffic display, for example, I have a perpetual Traffic Advisory because of my proximity to myself. :-) It appears that AIBridge does not yet recognize the Player Name from FS2004, maybe? Anyway, I thought I would mention this observation in case you can do something, or have done something already to alleviate it.



  8. Pete, you replied above: "If you have an existing program which runs okay on WideFS with FS2002 then it will with WideFS version 6 once you have registered WideFS so it works." I, too, run the FSGarmin remotely via WideFS, and I am wondering if what you say here means that I must register only WideFS 6 to make this work as-is, without registering FSUIPC. In other words, is it necessary to register both utilities if only remote operation of currently unaccredited applications is desired?



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