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  1. Hi Simon, For most Aircraft which had this behaviour I could solve it by setting the Flap handle to 2 or 3 in P3Dv5. Unortunately I´m not able to get the FSPAIX A330-900 right. This Aircraft is deploying the spoilers only during taxi. I tried all settings from 0-3 but no success. Without STB the Aircraft is doing well. Is there anything else I could do? Thanks Holger
  2. Simon, Thank you for your effort! The Problem has been solved…..it was a faulty simconnect.xml on the DB Server Computer. Regards
  3. Yes Simon, I installed STB for P3dv5, Dataserver on the main computer and client on the client-computer. Unfortunately the client is not connecting! I ran twice the wizard on both machines but no luck. The DB-Server shows connected to P3dv5 HF2, but the client on the other computer is not connecting - first hanging, then showing the error message to wait until P3Dv5 is ready.... To me it looks like a problem with simconnect. The other programs on the client like FsFlightcontrol, Active sky Prosim 737 etc are running fine and connect as expected. With P3Dv4 it was NO problem and all was working! Regards Holi
  4. JH could you please share what exact the error was? Ím facing exact the same problem with STB running the Dataserver on the main machine and the STB on a client. all was working fine with P3dv4 but it is not connecting anymore since I changed to P3dv5...... Thanks in advance!
  5. Pete, see attached my simconnects installed to my computer and the simconnect.xml Maybe you give it a try ..... SimConnect.xml
  6. Yes Prosim is running on the Sim Computer, plus MCP. All other on clients. I can check the log file tomorrow, if you wish I can upload it for you....
  7. But Pete, why is it running fine in my setup? i have the Simmconnect FSX SP2 installed and it works! it is very strange indeed, I mean, I'm quite happy that Prosim is functioning well in my Setup , but it seems to be that I'm the only one......
  8. Hi Pete, as mentioned yesterday in the Prosim Forum I had only problems with the Autoflight. Today I tested as recommended by you again with V Productversion 5.101g and it was a full success! I did a short flight and all my harware including CPFlight MCP worked flawless! I did a full Autoland and it worked well. I did the IPC log, but I think it became to large to upload or send it to you. Even zipped it is about 25MB Anyway I´m quite happy as I can start using P3Dv4 with my home cockpit.! Thank you very much indeed! Just in case you need it my system is WIN7 64bit prof on all my machines in the network. Prosim is working without any laggs or stuttering. Maybe people who are running their setups on W10 machines have the problems with Prosim not working properly...I can luckely say I have no problems at all! Regards Holi
  9. Yes, your support is incredible!!! ,What would we do without you Pete!!
  10. Pete, the problem is gone with the controls! The link you provided above 101A did the job and all controls are recognized....Thank You! For your record pls find the cvs and log file FSUIPC5.JoyScan.csv FSUIPC5.log
  11. Good Morning Pete, I just jump in as I have a similar problem regognizing of controls with FSUIPC5. There are in my example both rudders not recognized by FSUIPC5, but the are recognized by the Sim under controls. Luckely I still have V3 installed and with the latest FSUIPC4 installed there is NO problem and ALL controls are recognized by FSUIPC4. Unfortunately I forgot to save the log and cvs of FSUIPC4 if it is essential I need to switch the computer on again.... Any help would be appreciated! FSUIPC5.JoyScan.csv FSUIPC5.log
  12. Thanks Pete! unfortunately still no Fsuipc at Simmarket......have to wait then and will be one of the first who are going to buy it:-))))
  13. Thanks for advice, will do it over the weekend.... Just another question, will there be the menu to assign the axis and calibrate then in the registered version? The reason why I'm asking, I have disabled the controls in the sim and used in v3 FSUIPC only. With the same ini file I have no input to the controls if disabled in the sim, so they are not recognized by FSUIPC in v4....
  14. Pete, the offsets are needed for my throttle running with SIOC. Before I tested the setup in P3Dv3 and with the latest Fsuipc 4 and the throttle ran fin, but with the same ini file I tried in P3Dv4 and your Fsuipc 5 but the throttle did not work.......contacting the manufacturer and he said the offsets are missing..... The thing with the buttons may be be fixed once the Fsuipc is registered.
  15. Pete, as I know you have Cockpit as well may I ask the question if in the registered version the offsets are available again? I tried today with the unregistered version and copied my ini file over from v3 to v4 renamed it and noticed that alot of functions such as buttons or switches etc are not working in V4. Prosim is connecting but many functions are not available yet. I know that Lapi said its not ready yet but I gave it a try and a few things worked. looking forward to get it in my basket at Simmarket!
  16. Hopefully Pete comes back in a healthy shape and relaxed! I think without having Fsuipc 5 I could bin most of the hardware in my Homecockpit. There are so many hardware items in it which would not function anymore! so Pete, please give it a go and get us the 64 bit Application.......even with new registration no problem!
  17. Thanks Simon for reply! I'm not too excited! It was a question to Simon. Maybe there will be a possibility that STB is working one day with life traffic. Who has thought lets say 1 year ago that there would be possibility to see life traffic at all? Now the program is available as Beta and it works quite nice.......
  18. Hi Simon, could you imagine to jump on the train with your nice tool STB to get it work with the new AI traffic tool which is injecting life AI traffic? See here http://www.lekseecon.nl/PSXseeconTraffic.html It looks like it is only a question of data interpretation?! I tried it today just by chance during a flight with life traffic and could see all the injected aircrafts. It is simply great to have the actual Air traffic arround you.....just like Flightradar24! the problem was only that there were no data for Arr/Dep times and Airports. But maybe you get an idea how you could use the data from the life stream? The program is still in beta stage but I'm sure it will become pretty good and many people will use it. it would be great if you could have a look into this matter! thank you and regards! Holi
  19. Thanks Pete for taking care! and no, just the 0 is not working using v3.4
  20. Pete, may I jump in as I do not want to open a new topic for my question but it is related to keystrokes. is there a possibility to create a Keystroke for a 10 ? I got a pushbutton panel in my HC to be used for keystrokes in GSX or Sode, this is no problem for numbers from 0-9 but I need a 10 and was not able to create such a Keystroke.... any advise from your side? thank you in advance!
  21. Problem solved! Thank you Simon for your help and patience and sorry for not reading the manual upto the end! Installing the STB-DS on the main computer did it! Rgds
  22. Will follow your instructions and report back! Thanks for your help anyway! Rgds
  23. Ok, we are coming closer.... I was under the impression with the new build of STB I do not need a STB DS running on the main Computer and the new STB for V3 would direct connect to the Sim..... Where could I download the latest STB-DS as I got only the older version for V2.5 with the hotfix for v3 which worked. The DS was not included in the download from Simmarket... Thank youE
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