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  1. Thanks for clearing that up. I tried to download the new version and it says my active sky program is not accredited which I thought that that meant it would not function. I am willing to make a donation since I can't afford to pay the full cost of the software. However, I did want to make sure that I'm not being charge twice for a product. Again, thanks for clearing this up. Jasmine Green
  2. Please everyone, don't get me wrong on this and I truely understand why someone would start to charge for products they create and develop. However, I do have a complaint. Pete, you mentioned that shareware products have to pay to use your program. This I feel is a great idea. However, to charge the individual who buy's shareware in addition to using your product is not such a good idea. It's like charging someone to use your business name and charging the clients/customers who service that business additional fees. In a sense your getting paid twice the usual amount. Perhaps I'm not clear on the subject. But if you have charged these shareware companies a fee, then each company who uses your product should be responsible for making sure that individuals who purchased items recieve a key, rather supplied to the end user by them or yourself. Again, my point is not with you charging a fee for your product. My complaint is that your fees should be directed at proper entities which aren't the end users. Thanks, Jasmine Green
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