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  1. Thank you Volker - it will now be my next purchase! yorkshire
  2. I downloaded the free trial version of FSC this morning and am very impressed. I will buy this. However my question is this: Does the registration key only allow me to have the product on one computer – the one I downloaded it on to, or may I have it on two? Some aircraft downloads only allow it on one computer. Essentially I would like to run it both on my laptop and my main system. I presume if you purchase the disk version this is possible, but would prefer to have the more recent download version. Yorkshire
  3. Hi Husain Thanks for the advice and reply - just about to go off to work but will try that when I get home! Have never had the CRC message and didn't know what it meant! I do have Norton on so will disable as suggested. Regards Yorkshire
  4. I have just downloaded the new MT2004 program from the site. The download took about 25 minutes on broadband. I then clicked the icon to start installation and a box opened to say 'Installing Files'. 5 seconds later I get a message saying 'Bad CRC' and the whole process stops. I've tried to restart several times but the same happens every time. There is no way to get a new download and the one I've got is seemingly faulty. Any advice from anyone - I hope I haven't just totally wasted £23. In 5 years it's the only duff download I've had! Any advice? Yorkshire :cry:
  5. Hi Is there a list available of the actual airlines available for MT 2004. How does MT compare with 'Ultimate traffic' Anybody used both and have experience of pro's & cons. Cheers Yorkshire
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