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  1. airernie

    Incorrect ATC Model

    I am using EditVoicepack XL and noticed that a large number of the MYT6 aircraft have incorrect values in the ATC_MODEL= field. Some examples are CARJ 200, CARJ 700, CARJ 900 instead of CRJ2, CRJ7, CRJ9, etc. I doubt it but, would it cause any issues with MYT6 if I set these to the correct value? Thanks, Ernest Pergrem
  2. Sorry, replied, but re-read you message and determined it didn't apply, so deleted content..
  3. airernie

    Delete Old Airlines & Aircraft

    Yes.. You can do it though the 'MyTraffic Flight Plan Editor' aka MyTrafficX.exe. It's not super intuitive so, taking a glance at the manual first is recommended. You then have to recompile the flight plans, also done through the editor. As always, make a backup copy of MTX_V60a.myt if you're going to undertake the task. Ernie
  4. airernie

    How to remove FSX Default Aircraft

    Still hoping that someone can help me out. I have my FSX GA slider set to 0 and still get FSX default aircraft showing. Would like to remove these because as I indicated I do all GA through UT2.
  5. airernie

    SPAD and Saitek BAT Switch

    I'm sure the issue is made all the more difficult because I've only seen one mention and he had written it off to Windows 10. In any case, it's nothing more than a minor annoyance that is easily dealt with through Thomas' Lua script if need be. Thanks for the help, Ernie
  6. airernie

    SPAD and Saitek BAT Switch

    Hi Pete, FSX SP2, Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, FSUIPC4 4.966c. I replaced the Lua plugins with "P3DV2fiddles=Yes", but it didn't resolve the issue. Perhaps because I'm in FSX? I have attached the ini and log files in case they might prove useful. Thanks, Ernie FSUIPC4.log FSUIPC4.ini
  7. I would like to remove all of the FSX default aircraft from the MyTraffic flight plans. I am wondering if the permanent way might be to remove them from the 'Series' and 'My Types' listing and then recompile the flight plan... Any other suggestions would be appreciated. The reason for the above is that I use UT2 for the GA aircraft because I can easily add repaints. Thanks Ernie
  8. airernie

    SPAD and Saitek BAT Switch

    Hi Pete, Just tried Thomas' LUA scripts with 4.966c and the BAT switch works correctly when it is present. Without the LUA scripts, the BAT switch is inoperative. Ernie
  9. airernie

    SPAD and Saitek BAT Switch

    Hi Pete, Just a bump, so the offset issue I experienced doesn't get lost in the flood of 64-bit related posts. I reverted to 4.964, so I haven't had a try at Thomas' suggestion yet. Admittedly, I'm hoping that you can resolve the issue in a future version, so I don't need to add the Lua script. Thanks, Ernie
  10. airernie

    SPAD and Saitek BAT Switch

    Thanks for the help Thomas, I'll give the script a go..
  11. airernie

    SPAD and Saitek BAT Switch

    I'm using the freeware v0.5.0 although I've also tried v0.5.1.
  12. airernie

    SPAD and Saitek BAT Switch

    Thanks for the link. I just tried it and have the same issue. I don't have a copy of 4.965 to see if the issue exists there also, so I don't know when the functionality changed. Ernie
  13. It appears that a change introduced in one of the recent versions of FSUIPC4 is affecting SPAD's interface with the BAT switch on the Saitek switch panel. Using the default 172 for testing, the BAT switch functions normally with FSUIPC 4.964, Saitek FSX plug-ins, or if the BAT switch is using 'keyboard emulation'. However, with 4.966 and 4.966c in 'FSUIPC offset change' mode (which is the default), SPAD displays switch movement in it's GUI, but nothing happens with the 172. Thanks, Ernie
  14. airernie

    MakeRwys and FSX-SE DLC

    Received a reply from a user on FSDeveloper with the answer; " Orbx made Meigs Field Airport for DTG using ADE. Once DTG compiled Meigs and added it to there list of DLC's it was no longer a FSX SDK airport and ADE or any other non SDK airport utility (AFCAD/AFX) can decompile make changes and compile that airport. This is DTG's way of making sure no one can tamper with any of their DLC scenery that was made with FSX SDK tools. "
  15. airernie

    MakeRwys and FSX-SE DLC

    Thanks.. Yes, both display correct runway and gate information in FSX-SE. I was able to resolve the issue with Twentynine Palms, by removing the .OFF suffix from the ADE_TNP_BGL.OFF file. Not sure why it was there. Although FSX-SE seemed to recognize the runways and gates just fine with the .OFF suffix. Orbx Meigs Field still remains a mystery. Thanks, Ernie

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