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  1. Pete, I have seen your replies, read them and am sorry I am so dense but I am trying. I have the PFC Jetliner yoke, The Power Quadrant Cabinet,( with radio controls, throttles, start switches, light controls etc.) and Cirrus rudder pedals. I do have registered FSUIPC4 and WideFS7 installed in FSX. But when I opened Steam and selected FSUIPC both FSUIPC and WideFS7 come up as unregistered and won't open. I know you don't register them in steam. Where do I register them so they show as registered in Steam? I hope this is more clear to you. Tom
  2. Hi Pete, I have all Precision Flight Controls hardware but FSX Steam doesn't recognize it. I have a registered copy of FSUIPC4 and WIDEFS7 and have managed to get FSUIPC4 and WideFS7 installed in FSX Steam but it shows it as unregistered and I can not seem to get it registered in steam. I think my biggest problem is trying to figure where to install everything. I am sorry but I am having memory problems and it is a little difficult to understand at times. Thanks for any help, Tom
  3. As I recall you are using PFC hardware. Are you using it with steam? If so how did you get the get it working. Steam is not recognizing my hardware at all. Thanks, Tom Hibben
  4. Hi Eric, I don't understand what your button assignments are. Could you tell me which button each refers to? I also don't understand what each series of letters/numbers means. Actually I don't understand much of what you have accomplished. (grin) Any help would be appreciated. Also I assume you just have the standard PFC console that the throttle quadrant bolts to and not the Jet Console. Thanks, Tom
  5. Hi Pete, One additional item regarding USB vs Serial connection. I have a friend that was using a USB connection for his PFC equipment using a seriak to USB adapter. I was doing the same thing. We were both having crashes and lockups occasionally. We both installed a card in the computer with a serial port and have never had a problem since. Tom
  6. Hi Pete, Let me elaborate a little on the PFC issue. First of all the PMDG issue on FSUIPC is quite clearly stated on pg. 20 & 21 in the introduction doc. They are basically saying they have had some issues between the 737NG and FSUIPC but these were cleared up by deleting the FSUIPC.cfg and letting it regenerate itself after instl of the 737NG. This cleared up most of the issues they had. They also indicate that in SOME instances calibration of some controller hardware was better using the controller calibration. I have the PFC Jet Console and have the PFC 737NG throttle installed. Using the .dll you developed for PFC, and I am using the last release, I have been able calibrate the throttles and thrust reversers very nicely. My engines idle at 20%. I have not been able to get the spoiler or flap lever to work on the throttle quadrant or the gear lever to work on the Jet Console. The flap lever on the console will control the flaps. The weird thing with the gear lever is it uses the G command as it always has. Any suggestions would be helpful and thanks for all you do, Tom Hibben PS: Hope you are clear of all the troubles around London
  7. Hi Pete, Thanks for the quick response. Pete please don't think that I think any of this is your problem. I have been using the PFC equipment for years and know pretty much how it works. Unfortunately I only have 6 lever quadrants, someday I will get enought money to get one for a single engine aircraft. The one I was using is for a twin engine. I wasn't trying to assign anything to the #1 spoiler lever. But unfortunately if I grab the first one by mistake, while looking at the screen, it causes the problem. As far as the cub is concerned it only has a throttle and no mixture so all I am trying to do is assign one of the levers to throttle 1. This was modeled as it was originally built with throttle only. As to the spoiler lever, all I am trying to do is find out what keystrokes are sent so I can find out if any of them are conflicting with the A2A cub so they can fix it. I know you have set up the throttle control as standard. The confusion I have is while the the key pad #9 and #3 keys work to control the throttle, I can't get the the PFC to control it. As I said I do have a 6 lever throttle quadrant, I have selected one of the other levers, ie: #2, and I have callibrated it and enabled it. The problem is I still can't get it to work. Thanks again and I will try again. Tom Hibben
  8. Hi Pete, Would you please be so kind as to help me with a problem I have. I have the PFC Jet Console and it appears it may be causing a problem with A2A's latest release, the Piper Cub with Accusim. This problem only occurs when the PFC console is connected to the system. Whenever I move the #1 lever, (usually used for the spoilers) The Cub just noses over into a crash. This is with engine off or on. This also occurs when the Cub first loads. It usually occurs around 14 seconds after load or after the #1 lever is moved. What I am trying to find out is what commands or keystrokes are issued when the #1 lever is moved. Also are these commands also issued when the plane first loads? I would like to provide this info to A2A so they might be able to correct the problem. I have tried just using the keyboard / key but that does not seem to cause the problem. Are their any other commands given for the spoiler down, arm, Flt Detend, or up command? One other problem I have is that I can not get the Jet Console to control the throttle in the Cub even though I can use the Keyboard numpad 9 & 3 keys to control the throttle., EDit: I have the latest Vista FSUIPC 4.518 loaded and the Latest PFC driver V4.318. I am also using Vista 64 Ultimate, a Q9550 PCU, 4G Ram and 8800 GTS video cards with 640MB DDR3 ram. Thanks for your help, Tom Hibben
  9. I have downloaded the file MTXV52_for_FSX.zip but it won't unzip. It comes up as "not a valid archive" with error message WZ40. The file is 605 mb in size. This is the second try try at downloading as the first one had the same problem. Any thoughts? Thanks, Tom
  10. Here is one more thing I found regarding the black screen when selecting the tools/ MyTraffic pull down items. If I am in full screen mode it goes black and the last time I tried I couldn't bring the panel up with alt-tab. If I go to windowed mode then the pull down sub menus come up on top of the black background. Is there a manual for MyTraffic? Thanks, Tom
  11. After seting the traffic from within the MyTraffic pull down things are considerably better. The screen goes black but an alt tab brings the panel up. Is there a manual that can be downloaded on how to use MyTraffic? Thanks, Tom
  12. I was setting the % traffic from the FSX Scenery folder. When I tried to make a selection within the tools MyTraffic pull down the screen went black. After minimizing FSX I found the panel behind the black screen. I will have to try settings from there and see what happens. Will Look at it again. Should all settings be made from within the MyTraffic pull downs? Thanks, Tom
  13. My system has an AMD64 3800+ 64 Dual core, 2G Ram, ASUS A8n SLI Deluxe MB and GF 7900 GT 256 MB PCI-EX Video card. I fly primarily KSEA. I know it is a tough place but with the tweaks installed I had been getting 13 - 15 fps on the runway which would increase to 17 - 18 as soon as I got airborne and 24 as soon as I turned east or west. My frames are set at 24 max. I could do this with ATI set at 25%. Most sliders are full right except water at high 1 and no autogen. Once I installed MT any traffic at all would reduce the fps to under 10 and sometimes 7. Especially if looking at the terminal. The other wierd thing is the frames would remain low even if I reduce the traffic back to 0. I installed the changes to the .cfg and the .dll file and MT is listed in FSX under tools. Is there a positive way of determing which AI traffic I am seeing, ie. FSX basic or MT? Thanks, Tom
  14. Just purchased yesterday and while it is running it kills FPS whenever any traffic is loaded. Is there a way to uninstall or do I have ro reinstall FSX? MT is installed correctly and running. I was just getting much better fps with the basic install traffic. Thanks, Tom
  15. Hi Pete, My two cards are connected together so they work in parallel as I understand it, It is just that I can't run them in the multi GPU mode because FS9 isn't set up for it. I understand MS is working on a patch that will allow it. If I try to run in Multi mode the FS9 textures get all messed up. Another problem is I can't go any better than the driver without messing up the textures in either mode. Hopefully NVIDIA will get that sorted out. The PFC dll and FSUIPC are both highly functional. The PFC hardware along with the Aerosoft 747MCP makes for some really enjoyable flying. Thanks again, Tom
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