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  1. I'm extremely sorry! I now see what i've done wrong! I read somewhere that you had to change it on the right side... I'm sorry! It works now! :) Sorry to ask such a stupid question :) But thanks for the quick help! Really awesome!!
  2. I did it now with the joystick disabled in FS2004. I didn't see the throttle's move in the game Thanks in advance, Martijn
  3. Yes that is the site I got it from. But I don't think you understand what I mean :P Since I got it I didn't get to work via FSUIPC. I have tried it for three days but it never worked... The buttons I assigned on the joystick via FSUIPC (ex. button 1 = ctrl+shift+f1) does work, but the axis don't... They only work when I assign them in FS2004
  4. Oh I see now that you said there is a later version. I have installed the version that's on your site, I will try to install the latest version tonight when I get home!
  5. Thanks for the quick response! I got it second hand from a friend of mine, I knew it was Spiking a bit but with FSUIPC it wasn't a issue. It works in windows, it works in fs2004 but when I try to dissable joystick and make it work via FSUIPC it doesn't! I can assign the axis throttle 1 but then cAlibrating won't work and yes I'm on page 3 :P I have 3.998 installed...
  6. Hi! I have just recieved my Saitek Throttle Quadrant. Now i try to get it working via FSUIPC 3.99 (It's for FS2004) but i can't? I can assign in axis assignment the Axis Throttle 1 and 2 for my levers, but it doesn't work in FS2004! Also when i go to joystick calibration it doesn't see the throttle, it keeps saying 0, but in the axis assignment it does show when i move the lever. The only way when i get it working is via FS2004, then it also shows up in Joystick Calibration in FSUIPC but then i keep having problems with the throttle spikes :( Anyone have tips or tricks how to get rid of the problem? Right now i'm planning to put the throttle's on ebay. Been working on it for 3 days now but nothing works... What i've done: Other USB Port (on my USB Hub) Remove FSUIPC.ini Reboot Setting the assignment on Throttle 1 set instead of Axis Throttle 1 Thanks in advance! Martijn
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