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  1. Pete, I put the spoiler entry in the .ini and the spoilers opened a bit and stopped. Then, they would not close unless I used the key assignment. I checked the box for button to be held, still no joy. I will just wait for your new version. Christopher
  2. Pete, I found a workaround to the calibration. I did find however, that the spoilers inc and spoilers dec don't seem to work. I have your latest and tried with a joystick button and a key press flying FSX. Many thanx, Christopher
  3. Greetings, Rob Barendregt created the gauge for me some time ago. It worked just fine with FSUIPC3 with no problems. I have FSUIPC4.1.2. I don't know how exactly the gauge works so I have attached it here. Thank you. - This FS2004 gauge limits the Elevator and Rudder controller Axis input (and thereby the Elevator and Rudder controlsurfaces) when flaps are fully retracted. To install: - In the \panel\ folder of your aircraft, create a subfolder \rcb-gauges\ - Move this gauge (ControlSurfaceLimit.xml) to this new folder ...\panel\rcb-gauges\ - In the panel.cfg file, preferably in a [Vcockpit**] section, or if not available, in the [Window00] section, add the line: gauge**=rcb-gauges!ControlSurfaceLimit, 0,0 where ** is the next free gauge number. - You can change the limit percentages in the (*******) section below, to your preference. Current limitiations: - ElevatorUp: 50% (12/24 degrees) - ElevatorDown: 80% (9.5/12 degrees) - Rudder: 11% (4/35 degrees) NOTE1: when added to the [Window00] section, the 2D CockpitView must have been visible at least once before the gauge is active in FS2004 !! NOTE2: when the external axis (joystick, pedals) is moved beyond the limit, and is moving, the visible control surface (in SpotPlane View) will be "flapping" (because it is constantly being corrected by the gauge). NOTE3: the rudder axis controls both the nosewheel AND the rudder; because you don't want the nosewheel limited when on the ground, I've made sure the Rudder limitation will only work when the aircraft is in the air. COPYRIGHT STATEMENT ================== Although this gauge is freeware, it may NOT be renamed, copied, re-uploaded, modified, or bundled in an other archive, without my prior consent. Rob Barendregt, 8 Nov. 2005 Email: rc.barendregt@planet.nl - - (**********************************************) (**********************************************) 60 sp0 (* ElevatorUp limit, in percent *) 100 sp1 (* ElevatorDown limit, in percent *) 25 sp2 (* RudderRight limit, in percent *) (**********************************************) (**********************************************) (A:FLAPS HANDLE INDEX,number) 0 == if{ (A:ELEVATOR POSITION,percent) l0 > if{ l0 -163.84 * (>K:AXIS_ELEVATOR_SET) } (A:ELEVATOR POSITION,percent) l1 neg < if{ l1 163.84 * (>K:AXIS_ELEVATOR_SET) } (A:AUTO COORDINATION,bool) ! (A:RUDDER POSITION,percent) l2 > && if{ l2 -163.84 * (>K:AXIS_RUDDER_SET) } (A:AUTO COORDINATION,bool) ! (A:RUDDER POSITION,percent) l2 neg < && if{ l2 163.84 * (>K:AXIS_RUDDER_SET) } }
  4. Greetings, I have a flight control XML gauge that limits the flight control throws when using a joystick. I noticed that when the gauge is active and the flight controls are moved, they freeze in the limited full deflection. When I take the FSUIPC4 DLL out of the modules folder of FSX everything works as advertised. I think it was when I calibrated my joystick via FSUIPC4 that the problem started. Any thoughts? Christopher Raison
  5. Pete, Thank you for your time. Christopher Raison.
  6. Pete, Thank you for your input. This is what I am trying to achieve with the XML gauge. The A-6 Intruder had shifted flight controls as in, when the plane is on approach you need greater stab and rudder throws because of the low approach speed with the flaps extended. The stab had a range of 24 deg NU and 1.5 deg ND. The rudder's range was 35 deg. Then the plane is at high speeds you don't want to have that great of a range because the airframe will overstress, stab at 9.5 deg NU and 1.5 deg ND and the rudder at 4 deg. What the guage does, from what I understand is that it limits the surface by monitoring the elevator axis of the joystick and if the limit is reached or exceaded the gauge brings the surface back to the limit and this causes the flutter. What I would like to see is only the NU and rudder values on the calibration to change. I did an experiment with the fsuipc .ini and cut the negative value in half for the elevator axis and 80% on the rudder axis. This provided the correct throws without changing any of the aircraft files. I don't know if I have explained my problem better, If there is no solution, I guess I will have to live with a little flutter. Many thanx, Christopher Raison
  7. Greetings, A gifted and generous gauge maker created an XML gauge that allows the elevator and rudder to have a limited flight control surface throw when the flaps are retracted. The only problem with this is it reads the joystick axis and if the surface goes beyond the limit, the gauge brings the surface into limit and causes a control surface flutter. I would like to know if by modifing the fsuipc .ini file, could I create a "configuration specific" joystick axis calibration. When the flaps are retracted, the throw is 50% of the leading edge down on the elevator and 80% limited on the rudder. I tried to play with the joystick sensitivity and null point and got some of the flutter out but if I could limit the axis through a configuration specific calibration, I would never get a flutter. I hope this makes sense to you and appreciate your time. Many thanx, Christopher Raison.
  8. Greetings. The new version seemed to fix everything. My intruder is up and up again. Thank you.
  9. Greetings. The buttons inputs for a game pad I am using in my home cockpit have gone dead with the newest release of FSUIPC. I loaded up the old FSUIPC and everything works. The game pad is the Microsoft Sidewinder Plug and Play Game Pad. I verified the controller is working with the standard Windows Calibrator. I saw that there is a new release comming so mabye it will be fixed, just thought you would like to know. Thank you.
  10. Greetings. I fly with a friend of mine via wireless LAN and try to use the version of ai bridge that is compatable with fsipc 3.xx and it only works on the host computer. Is there more info out there besides the readme that comes with the .exe? When both of us try to use the bridge, on the computer that joins the multiplayer session the program goes not responding and if the player that has joined uses it they only see themself and gets a collision warning. Can all the players use the bridge to keep track of eachother, or is it only for the host? Both of us are using registered versions of fsipc, and the tcas we are using is fsflightmax. Thank you, Chris.
  11. Greetings. Thank you for all your help, we will try it out. Chris.
  12. Greetings. What I am looking for is a button perameter labled toggle mixture like toggle alternator or toggle taxi light. This just would make it easyer to program our start sequence with less buttons and switches. Switching from full lean to full rich with a toggle mixture with one key. Thank you, Chris.
  13. Greetings. A buddy of mine is in need of a toggle mixture perameter for his setup. We made his rig work by using the fuel valve toggle, but they default to open even if the flight is saved. I hope that an FSUIPC button perameter might help with this. Even if it does'nt it would help with my start sequence as well. Thank you, Chris.
  14. Greetings. I think 32 steps would be about right. I would be setting this up as a button type perameter. Now I can do the appropriate airframe change to my Intruder :D Thank you, Chris.
  15. Greetings. Thank you for your responce. What I am trying to make happen is I hold the switch and the spoiler axis would roll untill I let the switch go. Something like throttle increase (F3) or throttle decrease (F2). It does not need to be at a quick pace, but react promptly. Then, I would program the other side to close spoilers altogether. I hope this makes sense. Thank you, Chris.
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