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  1. Hello, Can anyone explain how I program a simple key stroke to toggle the Nav Lights on and off? I'd like to use SHIFT N to toggle the lights and want to understand how I would go about it so I can program other keyboard shortcuts for none existant FS controls. Thank you
  2. Thanks Pete, I'll turn it off in FSUIPC. I like it on somwhere, it makes life a bit more interesting !
  3. Pete, You may have already fixed this in the new version of FSUIPC, the description of the changes has prompted me to ask anyway. On several occasions while I'm under approach control (Radar Contact) and flying at around 180 knots, I've hit severe gusts or wind shifts, not necessarily turbulence. Its so severe I normally stall i.e.. the wind is behind me or I break up. Either way I hit the ground hard! I'm wondering if I've got a conflict between FSUIPC settings and FS Meteo - I have the turbulence option enabled in both. Would the two settings double the effect perhaps? Will the limit of 30 knots in the new version fix my problem?
  4. Pete, I'm not sure if this interests you or not, apologies if its just a waste of space. Have you taken a look at Susan's gauge blog at http://blogs.technet.com/engauged/ Its all over my head, but could it provide an answer to making the AdvDisp transparent? She seems to include lots of hints that aren't mentioned anywhere else in any of the MS SDK's
  5. Pete, I've gone to download the new version of AdvDisp, which has been change on the opening screen, but when I open the ZIP the file version still reads as 2.123 Is this correct?
  6. Pete, You are fantastic, what else can I say. I'll download the new version and do some more tests, to try and find a reason for my flashing panels. I'm using a new ATI RADEON X800 PCIe 128Mb card, supplied by DELL with an SE badge. I know that SE cards have had problems in the past, but I wasn't able to change it, before my system was shipped. I'll do some more work and try to really lock down where the problem is coming from. It will be a bit later though, I have to download wedding photo's from last night first. Thanks again Pete for a brilliant response.
  7. Pete, Can you take a look at AdvDisp 2.123. I don't know if its a problem with my system or something that happened after the FS upgrade to 9.1. Anyway if I start from a clean boot and go into flightsim, create a flight and select an aircraft etc etc I end up sitting at the gate. I then select to show AdvDisp and dock it. Now I select hide when empty. It disappears. All good to this point. I start Radar Contact and it displays in AdvDisp. Still good. Now I reselect my aircraft (the same one as a test) AdvDisp does not show up any more....it should be docked on panel one and its not there. If I use the menu to undock it, it re-appears. I first noticed something wrong, when I resumed a flight I had saved with RC. As soon as RC re-loaded the flight, AdvDisp wouldn't be there and my main panel kept flashing on and off at regular intervals. I closed AdvDisp and reopened it (rather than undock) and then re-positioned it so I could see the RC menus. At that point a different part of my panel started to flash. In this case panel 5 of the default 737. I closed the panel and AdvDisp disappeared too. This put me on to AdvDisp as a possible problem. Since then I've noticed that re-loading the plane made AdvDisp disappear. Is it a problem with AdvDisp after the upgrade or a graphics driver thing on my PC? As I said its fine if I don't use RC to re-load a flight or crash the plane and force a re-load that way. ie. If I load up and load RC and fly from A to B without re-loading the plane for any reason (crash etc) the problem doesn't show up. I hope you can follow my explanation.
  8. Thanks for looking at this Pete. My problem seems to be with 'IR Tracker 3'. I've e-mailed the supplier but they haven't got back to me yet. I'd like to try your second solution, but I have to admit to being a little daunted. Where is the list I should scroll down? Should I find it FSUIPC.INI already? If anyone else reads this, I'd appreciate a little help implementing Pete's idea. Thanks Mark
  9. Dear Pete, First off, I hope each day you feel better, I'm down in Stafford and its raining here, so I hope its not too depressing up there where you are. I notice in the latest version of FSUIPC that I have (v 3.2.2), you have added a resume all throttle control option. I'm having great difficulty in getting FS to reliably select different engines using the E key and then a number. It may be something to do with my wireless keyboard, but I have to hold down the 'e' key for 3 or four seconds and then select an engine number, even then it's a pretty hit and miss affair. I was hoping that the same registry setting that you are using to reselect all the engines, might offer some hope of you being able to select an individual engine number through FSUIPC and then assigning a key stroke etc. On the face of it, a duplication of what FS is supposed to do, but then again it is supposed to let us reselect all the engines via the keyboard and its not that good at that :) If space is a problem on the interface, just being able to reliably select either engine 1 or 2 would help so much when taxiing twins, especially the DC3. I hope you can help. Regards Mark, from damp Stafford!
  10. Can anyone suggest the best setting for clouds a visibility in FS9. Performance isn't an issue, what I'm trying to do is avoid the sudden drop is visibility I seem to get when I go from one layer with good vis to another (normally lower) when the visibility drops to say 4 miles. No matter what settings I choose, there is always a moment when the vis drops a lot to the minimums set by FSMeteo. What I'm trying to say is that right at the lat minute the gradual reduction if visibility doesn't seem to work. The last little bit all happens at once. I am getting a gradual reduction and I can control to rate through FSUIPC, it just the last little bit. I have an ATI 9800 128 Mb card with the latest driver. Am I looking at a problem with it or a limitation of FS9?
  11. Thanks Pete, I don't think I could have asked for a better explanation.
  12. Pete, Another observation. If I boot FS cleanly, with the 'Allow Changes to FS own weather' option unchecked, I can select a theme quite happily. If I select the box, FS defaults to 'User defined Weather' If un-select the box, without changing anything else, or re-starting FS, I still can't select another weather theme. FS defaults to user defined. If I re-start FS, I can select another theme. I found all this out because I ran FSMeteo to download some real weather, but it failed to get a connection because my phone was in use. I decided to select weather theme instead, but I couldn't because of the problem above. It seems that once an external program has tried to set the weather, unless I re-start FS, I can't select a weather theme.
  13. Pete, I have a registered version of FSUIPC 3.14, and I seem to be unable to select a Weather theme. The dialogue in FS always goes back to user defined. I know there was a problem with this before, and I have tried the 'Allow changes to FS own weather' setting under the Technical tab, both ticked and unticked. It doesn't seem to make any difference. Can you help ? (Weather themes are useful when I can't dial up to get real world weather)
  14. Hi Pete, I think my message is a good example of why its never a good idea trying to write something quickly before going to a bonfire:) I meant 50,000 ft I should have explained this a little better. The Aircraft.cfg can determine what the initial setting is e.g.1800. I've found that. But if you want to reduce or increase this, it goes up or down in 100ft steps. Therefore the lowest setting is 100ft/min. Even if I edit the Aircraft.cfg to make it read 50ft/min for the initial setting, it defaults to 100 incremental changes :(. Of course you are correct that the V/S changes during different stages of flight. Concorde has to be one of the most extreme examples. I wanted to use 50ft/min at the very end of her climb as she tries to approach Mach 2.02, but it looks like your saying its not possible anyway. Oh well, I'll continue to nudge the trim wheel :) Thanks again.
  15. Dear Pete, Is it possible for FSUIPC to alter the default VS in the autopilot, in the same way you can force the Nav radio's to increment by 50Hz? I'm trying to get Concorde to creep up to FL50 etc but the default VS of 100ft/min is TOO much. I'd like to automate it, so I can use Radar Contact at the same time. I could use OTTO to maintain control and still nip out for a coffee :)
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