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  1. I can confirm that with latest airac is something wrong. If you open FP Window FSC crash with "Laufzeitfehler 6".
  2. Hello Richard, thank you very much for your work. I'm glad that there is so fast a solution.
  3. I have same issue with FSC9. After Airac update i get this runtime error. There must be something wrong with airacs. I can't read transitions. FSC 9 - 16032011 Airac 1104 Rev1 I click on Sidstartrans -> transition select and get result is an runtime error 9 Subscript out of range. LOWW MOTIX UL610 PABSA UL604 LALIN UQ314 MOOCE UL604 EKSOS Y103 LASGA UM726 LASTO UM852 LARET HLZ EDDV
  4. Hello, i have a question about online traffic if gps is enabled. FSC read out fsuipc and simconnect. Is there a way to disable one of them? At the moment i get double traffic. That traffic via simconnect and traffic via fsuipc if i fly online with SquawkWin. Best way is to disable simconnect. I get better information via FSUIPC.
  5. I have edit the ini file for my organisation and that works at the moment.
  6. Hello Guys, so i have something on my heart that must i ask you. Is it available to add a custom network in FSCommander? I use Dafsim Software from Dafsim.com. I get same whazzup.txt as from other networks. Is there a way to add this host status in FSCommander, too? Maybe with a workaround? Would be great if you have a positive answer for me. Nice second advent!
  7. Hallo Michael, Airbus X, Wilco read FSX Plan. You must load your plan into planner from fsx. Airbus X import it automatically and with Wilco you must go in MCDU Menu and click on the last knob on right site it must be RSK6. So your plan is imported and you can edit it in FMC if you want. It's recommend to read documentation of every addon by yourself to get all information how to import flightplans into fmc's.
  8. Hello Sascha, thanks for sharing your knowing and explaining. I'm glad to hear about a fix with Stars/Transitions. Go ahead with your great work.
  9. Next, Transition doesn't go to the end. FAF and points in Final are missing in RNAV. This happens in main window also in approach window.
  10. If i want to copy or past any thing with keyboard commands in flighplan field, it wont work.Right mouse click it work. I need often to copy and past and do it via keyboard. FSC8 work and FSC9 not. Can you change this? Would be great! Thanks.
  11. Ok, that show transition only, but where is star? Its missing... The point is that my route must go over STAR RIDA4M VIA MIQ with transition to rwy 26R RNAV. I can choose only star or transition not together. What i know is that star is one part and transition the other part. Together you get your full appr to rwy. VIA star to IAF to FAF... Like in FMC's. RIDA4M as Star and Transition RWY26R RNAV. I hope you understand it a little bit more and can correct me if i'm wrong. Thanks.
  12. Hello Sascha and Volker, it would be great to get any information about flight planning with STAR or TRANSITION. FLP: EDDV ELNA2S ELNAT UL190 KEMAD UN851 MASEK UL126 DINKU UL603 AKANU RIDA4M EDDM So now i will choose Transition to RWY26R RNV. I click in menu to sidstartransition and transition option is grey. How can i add the RNAV transition to RWY 26R? Thanks for help.
  13. All new features are great. Encircled runway numbers are a great feature. Is there a way to get the real degree number with mouse over infobox? 'Couse the most bush runway don't have ils and there is very interesting which degrees the runway have. Another question, a great tool will be a measure distance and degree tool. Let me explain how do i mean this. I hit with mouse button a VOR. Now i turn it on the map where i want and get a distance and degree to this point in a infobox or in feedline of fsc. You show only GPS Coord. There where space for more. Like VOR NIE/266/25, than i can look where are the point on map. The VOR is only example. The best where that you can do it with each point.
  14. Ok i try to load onlineweather from FS9. Yesterday my FS9 crashed without black screen... But i cant click anything. I can fly and i cant do anything in windows... *g* oh my god thats a bad fault... :) I try it with online weather of fs9 and we will look what happens.
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