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  1. Alex, yes it is showing in MAP mode as usual, like your image, and is selectable as before, so that part looks OK. To be honest I don't think the PLAN view without TCAS is a major issue, because I think MAP view is more commonly used. I noticed it because I was comparing Ejets v3 to v2 to see what might have been changed. John B.
  2. Vic, or Mods, Can I suggest you might post the text of this message as a sticky update to your 'Compatibility' post of 17 April. It's a clear and accurate explanation of why we all have to wait for LM. Regards John B.
  3. Thanks Vic, understood. I wasn't sure if the TCAS had been noticed. I can share your frustration with all the work that goes into a product, only to find it's been screwed up by some P3D update. In particular Hotfix 3 for 4.5 was a complete surprise. I had just decided to update my cockpit from P3D3 where the v2 Ejet was running faultlessly. I left the purchase of P3D4.5 just a day too late to get the HF2 version which was the one I had planned on. However the E 195 v3 is working well in most respects, so please keep up the good work and let's hope Lockheed Martin get their act together. John B.
  4. In P3D v4.5 with Hotfix3, and P3D v5 with Hotfix1, the TCAS seems to have been broken. It's a similar issue to the one with weather radar in P3D5 with HF1. On the MFD in plan view the TCAS selection on the drop down menu has disappeared. In P3D4.5 I think this was caused by Hotfix3. I've not seen this mentioned before so I assume it did work previously, but I don't have an earlier version of P3D4 to check this. Images show comparison with P3D3 which is how it should appear. Can someone at FeelThere have a look please. John B.
  5. Axel, Not sure about why the command did not work, but the alternative way to proceed from where you are at present is as follows. 1. Right click on the folder named sharedtexture and select rename. Then rename it to sharedtextureBAK or sharedtextureOriginal Do not delete this folder. 2. Then right click on the new folder named sharedtexture.resized and rename it sharedtexture Job done. It becomes the replacement for the original and works in the same way. It has the same files in it but they are half the size. If you want to revert just rename what is now the sharedtexture folder to something like sharedtextureModified and rename the original folder back to sharedtexture. Hope this helps. Edit. Jeffrey beat me to it and I realise that my suggestion might also run into a problem with permissions with your installation. Otherwise it does work. John B.
  6. I tried the textures first in P3d 4.5 as above. I've been trying them since, on the ground, in P3Dv5 and found it saves on average 0.4 GB of GPU memory with a virtual cockpit and 0.2 GB when using detached panels and a non VC forward view. These were a series of direct comparisons using the default airbase with only Orbx FTXG. The fps in both cases were quite high and fluctuating too much for a meaningful reading, but the gains in GPU memory are quite definite and consistent and should apply in any scenario. The best saving, on 2 tests in the VC was 0.5GB. I did not notice any degradation of cockpit textures over the original, but I use 2048 textures in the sim with 1080p panels. All in all it seems like a very useful modification. John B.
  7. Jeffrey, I tried it on my desktop pc and initially followed your readme instructions, but probably because I have the E175/195 installed in Documents/P3D4 Addons, it came up with the 'This is not the folder where E175 is installed. I then extracted your shared textures folder and installed manually after renaming the original to allow reversion if needed. It's working without issues and with some improvement in fps. Can't say how much just yet, but it looks useful. I'm also trying it in my cockpit setup, which doesn't have the VC visible, but it still runs in the background so it is using some resources. Loading 'lighter' textures even when they are not in view seems to have a benefit. So once again thank you for your work. John B.
  8. Thanks for your work in producing the resized textures Jeffrey. About to download and give them a try. John B.
  9. Thanks Scoob, I'll give it a try tomorrow. It seems peculiar to v3. Never had it over several years with v2.
  10. I usually set up a few scenarios at different airports, with engines running, end of runway, so they can be loaded easily for a quick flight. Using the E195 v3 in P3D 4.5 I have been finding when the flight is reloaded the Warning alarm is already beeping and Battery 1-2 Overtemp is showing on the Eicas. At the point when each scenario was saved everything was normal and ready for take off. Although the beeper can be cancelled, the Eicas message remains, but has no further effect on anything during a flight. Any ideas?
  11. Hans, thank you for confirming that. It's frustrating, because I had thought it was Hotfix3 which was breaking the radar display. The fact that Active Sky is running a Beta for P3D4.5 exclusively when HF3 is installed, suggests that LM has changed something in HF3 affecting the weather generation. I don't use Cloud Art so I can't say if that has an effect, but I do adjust the radar angle as you describe. Can I ask, does your WXR show any display when using a P3D weather theme like thunderstorm, or if you set up custom weather with precipitation in Active Sky, or is the display only when using AS live weather in suitable conditions. John.
  12. Hans, Which release of P3D 4.5 are you using? Their are now several editions of P3D 4.5 in existance. The earlier 4.5 releases, up to HF2, seem to have worked as you describe, but those versions are no longer on sale. In April LM released Hotfix 3 which updated P3D4 to version and this is the version now being sold. It has some changes copied over from P3D5. It is this current version of P3D4.5 where I cannot get any weather showing on the MFD. I have tried AS7410 and the latest AS Beta. Both AS versions work to adjust the weather outside the aircraft, but neither gives a radar image. John.
  13. Thanks for the response, but it slightly misses what Milonas, the OP, and myself have been trying to explain. So far as I can make out, the WXR problems began when LM issued 2 hotfixes a month ago. HF1 for P3D v5 was expected, but they also released HF3 for P3D v4.5 which was a complete surprise. These hotfixes both caused problems with Active Sky, so a beta version of Active Sky was released. These changes do not seem to be compatible with the Ejets WXR. The current position is that the Ejet WXR behaves differently in P3D5 HF1 and P3D4.5 HF3. 1. In P3D5 HF1 the WXR cannot even be selected, as the OP explained very clearly. There are no buttons on the MFD to select it with. 2. In P3D 4.5 with HF3 The WXR can be selected but appears to do nothing, regardless of weather conditions. I believe it used to work in earlier releases of P3D4, but the only one now available from LM is v4.5 with HF3 included. Two versions of Active Sky are useable with this release (existing AS for P3D4 and the new beta for P3D 4.5 and v5) Both versions are recognised in the sim and work as usual, but no difference with the WXR. I believe that Active Sky have indeed changed something in their API to fit the changes made by LM, which is not very helpful to developers. Alex will probably know a lot more about this and hopefully can make any necessary fix.
  14. I understand the problems with P3D5 which have also affected other developers. It appears most of them are waiting for HF2 from LM and a new release from Active Sky. But what about P3D4? There is only one version of P3D4 that LM are now selling and that is P3D4.5 HF3. Using this version I was not able to generate any weather radar images at any time, using either of the 2 versions of Active Sky that apply to it. See full details in previous post. It will be a great pity if this cannot be implimented. It adds a lot to the immersion, especially with the much improved weather and cloud depiction in later versions of P3D. Ejets v3 since SP1 is potentially a very good product, and it would be great if the few remaining issues can be fixed
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