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  1. OS: WIN XP PRO FS VER: 2004 PROG. NAME : MOUSE AS YOKE 2004 PROBLEM: Upon installing MAY 2004 and then starting MS2004 thru the MAY program, I receive the message 'Program not accredited'. This program is a freeware and the author claims that he has acquired a key from PETE. Now, since this is a free program, can I have the accredition key please? If the program is already registered, I don't know why FSUIPC is giving me this message.
  2. The author in this case, has not suppied the keys. Can you supply them? Thanks
  3. Can you? Thanks. I am using the freeware version of arrcab
  4. I get the message 'Program not accredited. Please see fsuipc.log for more info'. In the log file, I find the same information. :( What does it mean?
  5. Hi, I have Fs2004 and arrcab freeware version. Does FSUIPC need registering in order to use arrcab? Thanks
  6. Hi Pete, thanks for the suggestion. I am picking up MSFS2004 off the shelf right now. FSUIPC will work on 2004 edition, right? Thanks for the help
  7. Hi, Thanks for the reply. Are there any older versions of the software that I can use on my BETA version? Also, can any modifications be done to the beta product so that FSUIPC thinks its the original version and hence can be run? More importantly, does the beta version lack any important files/features without which the program cannot run? If so, what are they? Thanks
  8. Hi, I have a beta version of MS FS2002. Please tell me how to use FSUSIP . I have already bought some other programs which are dependent upon FSUSIP, but I didn't know at the time of buying that they actually needed FSUSIP. Now I get the message that my version of MSFS2002 is not compatible with FSUSIP. PLease help. THanks
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