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  1. Thanks Vic, generous offers. It's been so great to see payware developers step up and provide free or deeply discounted products during this unprecedented event, makes me very proud to be part of this great community of flightsimmers!
  2. That’s the easy part, thanks for painting it 😁
  3. It’s posted now, if you do a search for TAP it’s the third result.
  4. regis9


    Finger hovering over the purchase button, patiently waiting for sp1 to drop 😀
  5. Thanks! I was thinking that FSLabs spotlights could be a fix for the lighting issues, thanks for doing this.
  6. I’d love to see an Air Canada (toothpaste blue) E190. Bonus would be an Air Canada E175 new colours.
  7. Hello, just wanted to add that I may be having a similar issue in P3Dv3.1. I started having CTD's recently...looking through my records in AppCrashVIew these started around January 10th, the day I installed the 6.0a update. My P3D was completely stable prior to this using MT6. I'm going to try disabling MT6 to see if it gets rid of the CTD's, in the meantime I can provide my crash log files if that's helpful. Thanks, Dave
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