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  1. How did you fix this? I am able to switch to kgs in the configurator but could never figure out how to switch the aircraft over.
  2. Sure here you go: https://a2asimulations.com/product/a2a-rain-effect-for-p3dv4/ It’s in their store, though it is free.
  3. A2a has updated their windshield.dll file, available for download at their website.
  4. It seems like a lot of aircraft are having issues with blurry glass cockpit displays. I haven’t tried this fix on the E-Jets but it looks like it works on a variety of other aircraft: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/573601-real-air-gps-fuzzy-in-v5/ In short, go into the panel.cfg, under [VCockpit##] look for pixel_size= and change the entry to 2048,2048 or 4096,4096 and see if that makes things more crisp.
  5. Yes, if you’re used to the Boeing and Airbus way of doing things you’ll certainly encounter a few “gotcha” moments with the Embraer.
  6. Thanks, I have a gtx1070 with 8gb, based on my vram usage I couldn’t imagine trying to run v5 even with 4gb. Of course as it was with out of memory crashes with P3Dv3 and earlier, no one addon will cause the crash generally, but in my case so far this is the only aircraft that I was using when I ran out of vram so far. It’s early days, I’m sure this will all get ironed out.
  7. This is the only aircraft I’ve flown so far where I ran out of VRAM.
  8. Hello, I was able to install and load the aircraft and it flies fine. I noticed a greenish tint to the cockpit windshield that wasn't there in v4. Not using any shader modifications or anything else like that. This is in the E175 and is repeatable.
  9. regis9


    That’s great news if it’s the only real issue, A2A is working away on that I’m sure.
  10. @jhkayeYou have to go into the aircraft.cfg file and copy over one of the aircraft entries from another aircraft, then edit it for the Air Canada repaint info. How this text wasn’t included in the repaint like every other repaint on earth is beyond me but I digress...
  11. Thanks! I haven't been able to get the baggage vehicles to unload so this should fix that right up.
  12. I have a 32” monitor and using my usual MSAA settings it is very hard to read. Using SSAA is a bit easier but SSAA is a known resource hog. I’ve memorized which button is which after a few flights and programmed a chaseplane view to zoom in. Annoying, but not show stopping in my view.
  13. Great repaint Jeffery, thank you!
  14. Thanks Vic, generous offers. It's been so great to see payware developers step up and provide free or deeply discounted products during this unprecedented event, makes me very proud to be part of this great community of flightsimmers!
  15. That’s the easy part, thanks for painting it 😁
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