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  1. I have bought the new B787 from Qualitywings and when I create a flight plan with FSCommander and save it for this plane to be used as CO ROUTE, it does it in .pnl format and is not recognized by the plane .... how can I solve it, since it seems that the flight plans recognized by this aircraft must be in .rte formatThank you very much. J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
  2. Can you please help me to find the German VFR Notification Points for FSCommander ??? Thanks J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
  3. A good answer Volker ... I agree with you ... but we are a lot of people that think in FSCommander like a very very important tool for us and wait that in a not very far future we can have new version for P3D actual and future versions .... most of us think that P3D and also X-Plane are the future of our simulators. Thanks and regards. J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
  4. I have installed P3D v4 in a main computer and FSCommander twice, one in the same computer and other in a second one. I start P3Dv4 and with IVAP activated I can see in FSCommander my callsign and the other data of my plane/flight in the second computer but no in the computer where P3Dv4 is installed. I can see other traffics but no mine one. I think that I have installed FSCommander in the same way in both computers ..... but the results is different. Can you help me to solve that, please ??? Thanks in advance. J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
  5. For me is also a problem Routefinder ...... allways the same "Too many requests..." message .... and usually I have to create the route by myself
  6. OK Pete ..... I had not understand correctly this offset function ....... I know you are very very busy in this moment and surely the next weeks ...... no problem I'll ask again when things became more normal For the moment I am going to install more RAM Thanks J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
  7. Really a great quantity of Gb Thomas ..... but I think that what MONITOR IPC:024C(S32) shows is how much of the installed memory is still available every moment and not how much memory P3Dv4-64 bits is able for manage ..... is not ?? If I have installed 8 Gb memory ..... I should like to know every moment how much is still available and take the decision of install or not more RAM Thanks J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
  8. This is what I get in the title bar : MONITOR IPC:024C(S32)=0 is it something still not implementing for P3Dv4 ??? Thanks J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
  9. Thanks Pete, everything is OK now and I can use P3Dv4 in my main computer and FSCommander and others in the laptop. Regards. J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928 PD. I have another question, but I start a new thread
  10. I have downloaded 5.101k versión, but I don't find more than a .dll file and not any Changes document with the intructions for editing a file in the P3D4 Modules folder. Thanks J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
  11. I have similar problem, I have FSUIPC4 and WIDEFS for P3Dv3 with name and only first family name but when I have purchased FSUIPC5 the name that Simmarket gave me is with first and second family names I have sent them a ticket and this is their answer : thank you for your order and we are sorry you are having an issue with any of the items ordered. simMarket is only the commercial platform where the product is sold, however your problem seems to be specifically product related and/or of technical nature Please contact the support addresses listed in the documentation for the respective product. The support addresses are also listed in the respective product description pages in our shop. If it is possible to solve the problem with versión FSUIPC 5.101, please tell me where to download it, because I d0n't find it at SimMarket Thanks Juan Jose Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
  12. I have installed P3Dv4 and started a flight .... I have open FSCommander ( 9.6 - Rev 8 ) and Connected to FS ...... and everything seems to work normal It has been a not in depth test because I am installing a lot o things, but for a short flight of 10 minutes Works. Is it normal ? Thanks and regards J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
  13. I had installed FSX and today I have also installed P3Dv3 I would like to use parameters in order to load the correct database when I use FSX or P3Dv3 like is explained in your Manual, starting the program with "fsc.exe 1" when FSX and "fsc.exe 2" if P3Dv3, but the problema is that if I put this parameter in the icon properties used for each database gives me an error and can't continue. Please .... is this the correct sintaxis ?? Thanks J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
  14. This new FSCDbManager.exe must be used for all versions .... FSX, P3Dv2, P3Dv3 ....... right ? Thanks J J Gómez Prieto IVAO 142928
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