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  1. Ocean Textures problem

    well im not exactly sure whats causing the crash. it could be anywhere in the graphics system. all i know is that when i got close enough on the earth for the PC to being loading the ocean, maybe the special effects or something, it crashed. i have not replaced any textures. just now i managed to turn literally every setting down both in Xtreme and in FSX's settings, and was able to reach the ocean. is there any suggestion though as to what of Xtreme or FSX could be causing this problem? this is a suped-up quad-core PC. it handled a big city with highly detailed clouds at no challenge yesterday. it does not want to load the ocean under anything but bare bare minimums though. it doesnt make any sense.
  2. I recently installed FSPS Xtreme FSX PC on my simulator, but I am having trouble with loading near oceans. Literally everytime I load at an airport near an ocean, the simulator goes through the loading screen (30-100%), and then crashes. Even when I slew, (slowly at that, to give the time adequate time to load the ocean textures), from a location 100's of miles inland, when I get around 100 miles or so, the simulator crashes. I have been able to find no resolution to this. I have reduced the core usage to 2, (was 3, have 4), I have tried undoing the "calculate water effects" feature and manually lowering all of the water texture settings in FSX prior to loading, and I have tried lowering all of the general texture settings that might apply, and even some others. I can't even load near an ocean when FSPS Xtreme is not running. Literally, the simulator has no capacity for loading near an ocean anymore. It previously DID before installing Xtreme. I tested that out many times to observe the default ocean textures. Even though I cannot get near an ocean, the simulator has no problem with normal water textures. I can fly around lakes all day. Any help, at all? I've been troubleshooting for hours at no success. Thanks in advance!