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  1. .....After further delving into the Forum I found Pete's response to José Adolfo Medina on June 17th. 2017 where Pete recommended deleting the DLL.XML file and reinstalling FSUIPC5. Hey presto - it worked and the Addons Menu item came up and there was my beloved FSUIPC now in P3DV4. So now I can do some flying...... Happy landings everybody.... Schaefer/Bruce
  2. Further to my above message I enclose a couple of files FSUIPC5_prev.log FSUIPC5.log DLL.XML exe.xml
  3. Hi Pete, Like many others I have made the transition to P3DV4 and am enjoying the opportunity to keep my PC alive and to enjoy my FSX/FSX.SE until further. I have started put very slowly and am trying to get FSUIPC5 (Paid) up and running together with LINDA. The install and registration runs fine but I was only able to access the first FSCIPC5 screen when using the demo setup. I then wnet back and paid my dues with pleasure (Old hand like yourself). On restarting I noticed a black rectangel appear briefly on the left hand side of the screen and have not been able to access the FSUIPC5 screens since then. Linda loads up and only shows sync taking place to FSX but shows the 'Aircraft' module and confirms that it is connected to P3DV4 and I can input button data to the current a/c which is fine but I need to be able to set up profiles etc. I have read through your various responses on this subject, in particular the wuestion og wxstationlist.bin but I have not been able to find this file in AppData\Roaming P3D. I would, however believe that the black rectangle I could see may have something to do with the issue as it resembles the size of a simconnect transaction but what would I know. I would appreciate any thoughts you may have on this and will supply further data if you require it. The FSUIPC5 intsall file is included. Thanks in advance Schaefer (Bruce) FSUIPC5 Install.log
  4. I have just tried to download the FSUIPC4921g but am being apparently blocked by my antivirus program (AVG). I am speculating as to whether this is a side effect of the new IE11 version released last week. Would anybody have any insight in this as this is the first time I have experienced this type of problem? Thanks in advance for your help. Schaefer
  5. Where can I obtain version 4.844? The version on the official site is 4.84 - posted 7/17 and still unchanged since then. Thanks Schaefer
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