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  1. P3d v3.4 hf2

    Hello Yes it works with p3d but some addons like Simphysic-x Fiber acceleration, Friction all products from FSPS they dont work with 4,959 hf1, i spoke with developers from fsps and they told that is required FSUIPC UPDATED FOR HF2
  2. Hello any news about update of fsuipc, as I can see the latest version of fsuipc covers p3d v3.4 hf1 thank you
  3. Fsuipc installation

    Thank you,for ur help
  4. Fsuipc installation

    Hello I have a question about installation.I have in 1 pc installed P3D and FSX but after reinstallation of new version P3D V2.5 i have to install again Fsuipc for P3D, if i run Fsuipc it will be installed in both FSX and P3D,but in FSX is already installed,so how can i install Fsuipc just for prepar3d Thanks

    Ok, thanks Pete
  6. [MOVED FROM FAQ SUBFORUM SO IT CAN BE ANSWERED] Hello,i would like to delete a profile specific from FSUIPC,but i dont know how to do, Any idea
  7. FSUIPC 4.937d

    Ok thanks a lot for ur help
  8. Hello, i have a question about installation FSUIPC 4.937d.I have installed version 4.937 and i want to update to 4.937d,i downloaded the 4.937d but i cant see any .exe file only 1 .dll file any idea Thanks
  9. i have the same problem with flaps,how to set with FSUIPC??
  10. Spoiler Axis (Saitek) PMDG NGX

    sorry Pete but i cant find the first thread,and i startet this one Again sorry i will try to find the first one thank you
  11. Spoiler Axis (Saitek) PMDG NGX

    hello how can i set "sent to fs as normall axis"
  12. throttle axis problem

    hello i want to calibrate my throtel quandrant with fsuipc "send to fs as normal axis" how can i do this