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  1. I dont understand this. I am unchecking the "read only" tag, applying and "ok". When I re-check it, it is still set to "read only". I am the admin on my own computer. How do I specifically set admin rights to this folder? In the property it says system user inherits full rights via c :
  2. Well the folder was C:\FlightControlReplay\FlightControlReplayMSFS\Recordings and it was set to read only. I unchecked that and I am going to see what happens.
  3. Same issue for me. When I disconnect it will say "stopped recording" but if I just click the stop button it will still just say "recording". I cannot find my recordings afterwards.
  4. Ive set a path for the recordings to automatically go to, but after that latest update, I cannot find the option to automatically name the files. When I click record now it says "recording" but when I click the stop button it still says recording. Only when I disconnect FCR does it say "stopped recording", and in the folder I do not find the new files, just old ones from many days ago.
  5. I notice during replay that the replay doesnt actually show the real profile of the landing. If I botch the landing and come in hard and even bounce, that will not be shown in the replay. Instead, every landing is calculated to be supersmooth. This is a major drawback of FCR because many will use replay functionality to learn from their mistake by looking at the outside what the landing looked like.
  6. It is possible for you to do an in-application notification for updates? As you can imagine, with the amount of addons that all require attention with updates etc, it is tough to keep track of when updates come along etc.
  7. Just wondering how updates will become available to us. Will the client be able to update through the cloud, or must we download the client again, and if so, how will become aware of an update?
  8. Ok some feedback When starting a replay from a loaded file, the airplane is cold and dark (even though it should be engines running) I cannot move the time slider until I either press play a second time, or stop. Then I can move the slider. There should be a pause button. Pressing play a 2nd time or stop is not obvious. Sometimes, after ending the playback (pressing stop twice), I get moved back to the beginning of the replay file instead of going to the position I was when starting the replay.
  9. I agree with @edu2703. Hard landings translate into smooth ones because of the way FCR plays back the transition to ground mode.
  10. The program is installed with several version, where only 1 of them is for MSFS. You have to go into the folder where FCR is installed and select the subfolder for MSFS, and run FCR from there.
  11. Then I guess Asobo/MS have updated something on their end to stabilize FCR. I have used FCR all morning and didnt have a single crash using FBW A320 or WT CJ4.
  12. Has FCR been auto-updated? Today I have no more crashes, and I can set the target fps of recording so I can get very smooth recordings!
  13. I understand how hard you must have worked, but I suggest you dont take a few days off until people like me who paid money for the product actualy can make it work without the sim crashing all the time.
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