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  1. As far as I understod the manuals this is quite normal in DWC. Do you have the "Force Destination Wx Zone" in AS2012 enabled? Manual: Selecting this option instructs Active Sky 2012 to force all weather stations to your present destination conditions when you are within 128nm. Using this feature, you can start to see your final weather earlier and provides for less surprise on final approach, where conditions might have normally been much different. This will also help stabilize AI traffic for the proper landing/departing runway. You must have a flight plan loaded for this feature to activate. -- I for myself use the RC-ATIS NOT for judging the weather on destination. I take the METAR / TAF issued by AS2012 or the 122.02 (weather on destination) directly reported by AS2012. You then have the chance to change the desired runway for landing in RC during approach to fit into the traffic pattern.
  2. Ok, thats an exact answer. It seems, I misjudged the whole systems of FSX/AS2012. I'm an software engineer and so I'm often thinking a little bit "digital". In my digital world it seemed logical that a weather is calculated with winds, clouds, temps, a METAR is issued including those values and then this situation is fixed until a new calculation occurs. Between those calculations everything is "as it is". I would never have thought that in a "realistic" way - how it is in the real world - that a METAR is issued capturing a "moment" in weather, which is changing the whole time slowly, and so can "move away" from the issued METAR. I thought I had a comparatively stupid piece of computer software... but actually my approach of thinking how it should work was wrong. So thanks for clarify and pushing me in the right direction. Best regards Jörg
  3. Hi Pete, ok, first for the winds. The AS2012-METAR-String showed 010/03 for the wind the whole time (watched it about 10 minutes). I tuned the RC-ATIS in. In those 10 minutes, Radar Contact ATIS fluctuated between "Winds calm", "Winds 010 at 6" and "Winds 010 at 4". As the wind is always fluctuating a little bit, it could be normal - but I don't know this. I don't know, how AS works internal. "Nails" it the windspeed/heading onto the METAR or let it the values move a little bit to be more realistic? So, perhaps this is normal. Has the FSUIPC wind smoothing an influence on the "precision" of the RC-ATIS, as well as the "Force ATC Wind Lock" in AS2012? Seems not, as you wrote, that the data is passed through from AS2012.
  4. Ok, could test it on 2 flights today, it is no longer complete wrong. QNH is correct, Temp / dew is correct. One strange thing: the height of the clouds is not correct (tried it with different weather). It sees the correct type of clouds (for example "scattered") but then the altitudes are wrong, for example RC says 6500 instead of 3500 shown by ActiveSky. And the wind... not shure. ActiveSky showed 10 degrees with 3 knots. Radar Contact says "Winds calm", one minute later it says "Winds 010 at 6", some minutes later it says "Winds calm" again... I mean, this could be okay - if you say, this is a normal range (+/-3) then it is... is it? If you using ActiveSky also, have you "Force ATC Wind Lock" on or off and which is better regarding a better ATIS? And second, does the Wind smoothing have a bad influence on ATIS? Thanks Pete, best regards Jörg
  5. Hi Peter, are you aware of the following problem? There are reports, that with ActiveSky 2012 and RadarContact the Radar Contact ATIS is not correct when using a FSUIPC newer than 4.80. Most affected people did a downgrade to 4.80 to keep the RadarContact ATIS in sync with the AS2012-weather. See, for example, this link: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/366734-rc4-pmdg-737ngx-as2012/ Best regards Jörg
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