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  1. 1. Prepar3D V 3.2 2. FSUIPC 4.949h 3. I use the FSC in a network! No 4. FS Commander and Database Manager V9.6 Rev 6 (2016-2) 5. Which provider and period of the AIRAC Cycle - Navigraph AIRAC1604 Rev1 6. download version from our website 7. Operating System (Windows 10 64) Regards Jeremy
  2. Why does FSC not list and display the RNAV approaches? I have searched the forum but cannot find anything related
  3. Volker, would car to share your method here with us too please - there are many of us with the same problem!!
  4. Volker - I have studied those two sections extensively. The problem is, FSC does not display the SID or STAR correctly (as per the waypoints of the SID or STAR). As Ken said, the only way to overcome this problem is to enter the points manually into the flight plan - which makes the whole excersize fruitless. Yes, the aircraft will fly the SID and STAR when one uses an aircraft equipped with a FMC, but the whole point is to have a correct VISUAL depiction of the SID or STAR without having to enter the waypoints manually. I more often than not do not use the FMC when approaching or departing an airport. To have a correct visual depiction of a SID or STAR in FSC would be nothing short of bloody brilliant!
  5. This thing is going back and forth with no resolution from either side And I find this exceptionally frustrating! Here is the Navigraph response: http://forum.navigraph.com/forum/default.aspx?g=posts&m=12723#12723 Can we PLEASE get direction on this matter!!!
  6. After taking up this matter with Navigraph, I just received this reply from VAVDATA (Navigraph) Now what??
  7. Does anyone please have any input in this regard? Would be appreciated
  8. I hope someone can help clarify this situation for me or guide me in the correct direction I have the iFly737 and FSC9.2 with AIRAC 1205 successfully installed on both. The problem I am having is that although the correct SID's and STAR's are showing for selection, the display of these on the map is incorrect. Within iFly, the waypoints that make up a SID or STAR are correct - but these waypoints do not show up on the map correctly which I find rather frustrating. In particular, I am referring to the waypoints of the SID's and STAR's for ZA (South Africa) How can this be rectified?
  9. You know what Assumptions are Pete :mrgreen: But that being said - in this case the assumption was 90% correct. You can disable power management via the Device Manager in Windows - but it resets itself once you boot since Win7 follows the Power settings and re-enabled mine. Changing the Advanced Options in the Power Management solved the problem Thanks for pointing me in the right direction Pete - I don't know what the flightsim world will do without Pete Dowson!!!!!!!
  10. I am currently experiencing a problem with my mother board in that it occasionaly loses a USB connection (frustrating I know and am awaiting a replacement from the supplier). It is apparently a known problem with the asus p8z68-v pro gen3 motherboard :???: I use FSUIPC as sole means of axis assignment and calibration (FSX enable controllers is set to off). The weird part is that the USB port will re-connect to my yoke and throttle (immediately) but the only way I can make them active again in FSX is to open FSUIPC and then close it again - thats all that is required to 're-connect' the yoke and throttle to the sim Is there a setting/switch/auto-connect functionality I can implement/program to stop me having to 'reload' FSUIPC to enable the controllers? As an interim measure - things happen s..l..o..w..l..y around my part of the world :mrgreen: Many thanks
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