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  1. This is the only way I can think of re-testing otherwise I may just try a different joystick. Needless to say as you pointed out FSUIPC was never the problem and worked flawlessly. Thank you for your patience and advice through my testing and problems. I think I'm getting closer to the root of the problem but I'm not quiter ther yet. Cheers Luke
  2. Hi Peter, I thought I'd post an update after finally being able to test the flightdeck with the joysticks connected and properly calibrated :) thanks to your help. The flight started well and the calibration made it a joy to fly with precision. However 10 minutes into the flight the force feedback joystick (Wingman) which is powered, stopped responding...umm weird. I continued to fly on with the other joystick In the meantime I tried unplugging the failed joystick and re-plugging in without success. The joystick would no longer respond within flight simulator even though it was powered and
  3. Ok Thanks Peter I have now added the above lines to my [JoyNames] section as advised. I assume the addition replaces what was there previously (that is, the numbered devices) rather than just adding a second set of devices with letter in front of the Joystick/device names and GUIDs in addition to leaving the originals with numbers in front of them So my [JoyNames] section only contains what you posted above in boldface. I deleted the numbered joystick/device lines and the numbered GUID lines. I tried to check the manual for clarity and it did seem to imply this but without actually stati
  4. Hi Peter, I hope you are having a good weekend. Well I moved my FSX server PC back to the flightdeck and attached all joystick devices and rudder pedals to the server. I assigned throttle via direct to FS and assigned axis thottle set and mapped the throttle to 4 engines in the calibaration tab for both joysticks. For joystick 1 I also assgned axis for elevator and aileron though FSUIPC and calibrated. For joystick 2 I left assignment to FSX as it is force feedback and I wanted to retain this functionality. For both sets of rudder pedals and toe brakes I use FCUIPC axis assignment and calibra
  5. Hi Peter, A short update. I deleted my axis assignments as suggested and assigned and calibrated one of the joysticks in FSX using FSUIPC. Both the axis assignment and Calibration worked perfectly. Thank you !!! Over the next few days I'll be moving the server back into the flightdeck and re-assigning and calibrating all the rest of the devices and hopefully that will not cause conflicts. Out of curiosity I tried direct to FSUIPC Calibration to see if the freezing/hanging problem had been solved by clearing the axis and starting over. I completed one flight without a freeze using this sett
  6. Hi Peter, The unknown devices would be the other joystick in my flightdeck and two sets of rudder pedals. The reason they are not connected Is because I chose to bring the FSX Server PC inside the house to troubleshoot the problems with the freezing (it was too difficult to bring in the other equipment) and too cold to do the troubleshooting in the garage were the flightdeck resides (we are having quite a cold winter here in Australia) So I decided to use one of the flightdeck joysticks (which I could easily get to) and to test dual control I plugged in a spare joystick I had in the house.
  7. Hello Peter, I hope you have had a good weekend. I have produced another axis log within FSUIPC which logs my use of the throttle axis on each of my two joysticks in FSX. I moved the throttle axis on each joystick a few times exercising it from "reverse" to full. I know this cannot be possible but perhaps even though the user interface does not show the IN/OUT values maybe somehow it is still being inputted ??? I have looked at the aircraft in SPOT view when operating the throttle to confirm reverser and I can see on the engine pods the reverser is open and after a little while the aircraft m
  8. Hi Peter, Yes I totally agree that this is not common and most likely something is wrong with my FSX installation, like you say if it was a common occurrence there would be other folk posting about this issue. I will send the latest FSUIPC.INI file as well as a portion of the logs showing throttle operation on both throttle axis of each joystick if that helps. Oddly I do have thrust reverse on both throttle axis as reported above. Am I going mad ???? I cannot understand how it can be but I do and it works. Anyhow I'll provide those files tomorrow but I understand if you cannot help me furt
  9. Hi Peter, Yes that is correct I was not seeing values after assigning throttle set and the using the map to 4 throttles feature and calibrating in the 4 throttle page. So ... what I have done: Re-read the manual paying attention to the step by step instructions. I then unplugged that joystick and plugged in another one (to eliminate possibiity of joystick malfunction). I started FSX and tried a flight. At this stage FSX had recognised the joystick and all axis were working except of course this did not give me thrust reverse. These were all defined in FSX outside of FSUIPC. I then reset th
  10. Hi Pete, Thank you once again for your speedy response. The quotes that came from the post in 2008 are in the forum and if searched for by the exact name (or even using "FSX freezes") you should be able to find it. Apologies for not posting a link I'm not too sure how to do that in this forum. I too am stumped by this behaviour that I'm experiencing. I do have some Orbx scenery installed and some fly tampa but the only other thing that I can think of is Squawkbox 4 ( but not as a module within FSX) but I did have to install the SDK in order to make use of certain features to allow me to si
  11. Hi Peter, Apologies for this long post but I wanted to address your questions. Thank you for your quick reply. I'll take each point you have made separately for clarity. Just addressing your point firstly of where I found a related topic in your forum it was this one:FSX crashes with FSUIPC4 posted Jun 13 2008 04:38 AM. Within that topic you talk about direct calibration being more efficient and bypassing SimConnect. I have copied three quotes from that message to illustrate my point (directly below). However I do realise you were dealing with a different (although similar problem) in tha
  12. Hi All, I have a problem which has been reported in the past but not sure whether rectiified for my situation. I have two joysticks attached to my simulator running FSX with Acceleration Pack using a registered version of FSUIPC (Version 4.81). Each joystick has a throttle control. I wanted to define a portion of the range to act as thrust reverse but I want the two throttle axes (one on each joystick) to control both engines simultaneously so I can have a two person set-up rather than having throttle axis 1 controlling the left engine and throttle axis 2 (on joystick 2) controlling the righ
  13. Pete, Thankyou for your reply I thought as much but I just wanted confirmation that it hasn't changed. I've posted on the fs2phigets support forum before I posted here but so far ... the big "Silence" and no replies. I'll try some other work arounds Cheers Luke
  14. Hi All, I've recently upgraded from FS2004 to FSX (Acceleration Pack). I am using registered versions of FSUIPC4 (4.80) and WideFS 6.94. This is running on Windows 7 Home Premium (32 bit). I have a Phidgets card 8/8/8 attached directly to the FSX computer. I'm using fs2phidgets 4.3.65 to interface to FSX from my Phidgets board. When I was using FS2004 I had mapped offset 0BE8 to my hardware gear handle using fs2phidgets. When operating the gear handle it would raise and lower the gear in the simulator. Under FSX I am using the same offset 0BE8 however when I operate my gear handle nothing h
  15. Pete, Thank you for your prompt reply. I am relieved to hear that I should have no problems by continuing to use the older version on my older "legacy" PC. Your answer makes a lot of sense and I had (logically) suspected that may have been the cause but its good to have it confirmed. At least this buys me some time while I experiment on another PC (when I acquire it) and I move to a more modern O/S which I should've of done some time ago !!! I will keep my older version of WideClient under lock and key as it is the only one that will work on my legacy PC now, until I manage to upgrade the O
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