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  1. Yes do what WallysWorld suggests, because that is exactly what I have done and have not had a crash or fatal error yet useing the 2012 schedules............ But it is a shame the 2013 schedules have issues.
  2. Thanks for the reply......... Best regards
  3. Hi I have just purchased My Traffic Prof 5.4c from Simarket a few days ago, after reading that it was a good AI Traffic program. I down loaded and installed it, following the instructions carefully and completing all the steps required. I started FSX at a busy airport and had plenty of AI traffic so I was happy with the results and adjust the sliders to get the best resaults with my frame rates..........so far so good. Now the trouble starts. I mostly fly in the ORBX NA regions so I conducted several local flights at various locations with different aircraft and around 60% of them ended with a fatal error in FSX, either while I was still on the ground or about 10 minutes into a flight?????? (both my sliders were set at 25%). So I came over to these forums and after hours of reading through them I discovered that 5.4c has issues with crashing and some members had fixed the issue by reverting back to the 2012 schedules, from the 2013 schedules that are installed with 5.4c. Which actually reverts My Traffic Professional back to 5.4b.......... Anyway I went back to 2012 and after 5 test flights I have not had one fatal error happen to me. So I can say for sure that there is an issue in the 2013 schedules. I have looked for a patch for this problem but as far as I can see there is none available for 5.4c. I hope you find a fix to this annoying problem......... Best regards
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