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  1. I see, if I have GA slider at 100% should I see aircraft at all little airports , I'm doing around the world flight plan. When I went down and up through South America , many airport didn't have aircraft. GA slider was 100% Comercial slider at 40%
  2. I'm using super traffic board, when i start at my departure airport it has many scedules but my destination has just me?, when i arrive its the same no scedules, is this mytraffic or super traffic board problem?
  3. When i start a flight the airport I start at has many planes sceduled, but my destination airport has just me? This happens at each airport,(destination is only 300nm away Im using Mytraffic
  4. Ok did my fresh install of windows 7, been re installing my addons, I now have only fsx steam. STB installed flawlessly, I guess it was the 5 or 6 years of multiple FSX installs and deletions that messed with it before Thanks for your help.
  5. Thanks but I'm getting Windows re installed , I think it will solve a lot of my problems . I'll test STB install when I have everything up and running. Its not just this program I've had all sorts of issues.
  6. Maybe I dont have the computer knowledge to understand and fix this. I might just do a windows 7 reinstall tomorow and start from scratch I think there are too many old versions of things been installed add to that the complication of a steam version now
  7. How do I screenshot that folder %Appdata% its huge!!!
  8. i overwrit the two files you said. When I start the STB configurator it is still looking for this folder
  9. I did as you said I still have errors. How can I make STB look in the right spot for the files it wants?
  10. Can anyone help me please. I dont see what ive done incorrect.
  11. ok I see. Does anyone know how to populate the smaller airport with GA aircraft. Ive read all the manuels, I cant figure it out.
  12. How do I download that zip. Nothing happens when I enter www.supertrafficboard.com\downloads\fsobjects.zip
  13. Does anybody have any Answers is there any support in here ?
  14. I'm not familiar with that, sorry I'm not really good with computers.
  15. Ah sorry , I see. Ok there is no FSX folder there.
  16. Yes there is a fsx.cfg, these are the files left in the folder
  17. That folder does indeed exist, is that a problem? I used to have boxed FSX on here, didnt really uninstall it proplerly before I got Steam.
  18. When I tried to update i got these, this also happened on my first install of STB
  19. I'm using FSX steam It says STB version 3.2. it has in About.
  20. HI I looked at a post you made about not many GA aircraft even with sliders up , I have this problem , did you figure it out?

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