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  1. Well. I have an answer from Richard Hogen, author of Arrestor Cables. He asked me to publish here in this forum: So, we'll have to wait.
  2. This is the e-mail I've received from you, explaining whay Arrestor cables v2.4.1 (freeware) isn't working in FS2004: Perhaps the author of Arrestor Cables, or someone else, can repair this. I'll search the e-mail address of the author and I'll send this message too, even when he has said to do no more support on this version. Thank you, Pete
  3. I have received your e-mail about a very easy fix for the author of Arrestor Cables. But I think, as you can read in his webpage http://www.speakeasy.org/~rhogen/arrestorcables.htm , that he is not going to do any more support on the freeware version. I don´t know if the commercial version from Abacus is OK with FS2004. Someone knows it? Can I post here the e-mail you have sent me? I don´t know anything about programming, but perhaps anyone who reads this can make a patch for the freeware version. Thank you for be so fast with your answers. :D
  4. Thank you for your fast answer. I have generated the two logs and now i'm going to e-mail them to you. I don't know where is another newer version of Arrestor cables, if the author says it rules ok. My version is 2.4.1. Thanks for your job
  5. Hi. Yesterday I had registered my copy of FSUIPC. I was having problems with the freeware version of Arrestor Cables. In FS2004, when I turn on the program, i get the message " Range check error -- is FS running?". I thought it was non functioning with an unregistered version. Now, with the registered 3.04, everything rules OK in FS2002, but I get the same message in FS2004. So, I don't know what is a "range check error". Is a memory range or a coordenates range. I have no idea but I see the response of FSUIPC is not the same in FS2002 and FS2004. Freeware version of arrestor cables is no more attended by his author. The copyright is now of Abacus, that has included this utility in "Flight Deck III". So, there will not be a new version of ArrCab. But I think this is not important for this case. I want only inform Pete of this case, because I suppose you want FSUIPC functions equally in FS2004 as in FS2002 and older versions. You are making a great job. Thanks. :D
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