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  1. hi 1pie, Now that makes perfect sense. I wonder if Mr. Burkhard agrees and would confirm. I can't help but wonder that I can be the only one confused by this install issue. If your well written instructions are correct, perhaps the developers should adapt it to their current install instruction. Much thanks. Norm
  2. Please forgive me if this seems bothersome. But I am still a bit confused. So just to be clear I find a subtle but important distinction between "install using" and "install to". Installing directly to the existing MT folder will result with the new version as a subfolder of the older one. Is this correct? I am not exactly sure what is meant by using the existing folder which could mean something else. Please clarify. Much thanks again for your patience.
  3. Thanks for the input Hi1pie. It seems there are now three different install recomendations to sort out. I am going to wait a bit to hear back from Mr. Burkhard. He seems to be the guru at work here. And kudos to him for his time and dedication in these forums. :razz: Norm
  4. MTXV54_Crossgrade\install.htm Welcome to MyTraffic X 5.4 Crossgrade Installation! First of all, thank you for purchasing MyTraffic X. We hope you'll enjoy using and sense some of the fun we had creating it. This is a valuable piece of software, so please make at least one safe backup of the MTX-installer. Since an AI-add on 'connects' to various FSX-disciplines, we kindly ask you to read and proceed according to the following instructions. The outcome and benefit will be a very configurable and easy to maintain AI-add-on. This updates expects MyTraffic 2010 by Aerosoft to be installed and working. If you are installing the MyTraffic crossgrade, please install to the existing MyTraffic folder, and do not rename or delete it
  5. I don't have the DVD I used a direct download installer but I installed it successfully. Then I purchased the "crossgrade" to update to MTX5.4 and I may have been confused by the install instructions which said to download directly to the MT folder in the FSX folder which I did. But now I have the new version as a subfolder within the old MT folder. Was I supposed to install directly to the main FSX folder? It doesn't look right. And I am really sorry but I can't find the link for the free upgrade to 54A.
  6. Sounds great but can you suggest any special install instructions for MT 2010 before the upgrade? Thanks
  7. Hi Mr. Burkhard, I think I may have found the problem. A couple weeks ago I installed a scenery addon for KDSF airport in Kentucky.The timing closely matches the point where my MT problem suddenly occured. In the KDSF scenery subfolder I just found and removed a bgl named **KSDFtraffic.bgl***. i renamed the FSX traffic file as passive, restarted FSX and revisited a couple of airports including KSDF and found no sign of any default traffic.. I zipped the file along with the readme notes and would send it to you if you were interested. I will explore FSX a little further before I try to reinstall MyTraffic again. I know to run the install as administrator but can I trouble you please for complete and proper install instructions? Including how to import the MYT 2010 file. I am confused with that one as I would prefer the most recent traffic files installed. I would greatly appreciate it. I will ultimately inform the KDSF creator regarding this matter if it turns out to be the culprit. Hopefully he will warn others of the potential problem. Thanks, Norm
  8. Hello, I have been using MYTRAFFIC 2010 on the same machine (basic specs below) for years without a problem and without any sign of the default FSX traffic.The traffic bgl is changed to passive I always do a basic install and I do not have SDK so there is no toolbox since I don't have any intention of doing any customization. Jetline Hellfire GTW Win7 64 bit 12gb memory FSX GOLD UT USA & Canada X Graphics GEX North America ActiveSky 2012 Recently FSX default aircraft began showing up and I can't explain why or how this happened.. I have uninstalled MT as instructed and reinstalled several times, including defagging,registry cleanups and of course restarts of windows and FSX accordingly. Something really weird is going on as I even tried removing the aircraft bgl and the default aircraft still shows up. It's like an episode of Twilight Zone at this point. Thinking maybe this might be an FSX issue, my last try included total removal of all traces of MT followed by tring an FSX repair using the original install discs. Then I turned off the box for the night. Today I did some FSX test flights and confirmed FSX was working properly before trying to install MT 2010 once again. I just reinstalled Mt and much to my chagrin the curse remains. I was considering upgrading to MTX but I decided to hold out until I can resolve this issue. I googled and searched some forums but found nothing helpful. Thanks in advance to anybody who can help out on this one. Norm
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