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  1. Yeh that will be fine. I've sent you the files.
  2. My system is a 1.3G Athlon with 768MB RAM. I'm running XP Pro with SP1. The FSUIPC.LOG + .INI file are there I just can not access it throught the menu. When I try ALT M then F all I get is a very quiet beep as if it were not there. FS2004
  3. I've tried 3 times to get the FSUIPC.DLL to work and it will not. I've even reloaded the game all three times. It will not give me a modules link at the top of my flightsim window unless I minumize and then maximize the window. Then after I get it to come up I can not select it. If I can't select it I can't register and well you know the rest. Any ideas? AFNinja
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