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  1. Thanks so much Burkhard, They sure don't make many fine fellows like you anymore. Appreciate all you do. Tom
  2. Quick question: I have successfully installed MyTraffic Professional - made necessary entries etc., and DO have traffic in P3d v3. DO I have to / or / need to run the "Configurator" to localize to P3D v3 / or anything else in the tool? You answer would be most appreciated. Tom
  3. Hello Burkhard, Well, I did uninstall MT6, rebooted, installed MT6 again, followed all of the "path" mandatory items, scenery.cfg, bgl. to passive, inserted MT6 in P3d Scenery, and it worked....so, go figure. Either (probably) I did "miss" something prior to re-install, or something was amiss and the re-install corrected it??? Thanks sir, Tom
  4. AND a big "Thank You" for all of your efforts and help. Tom
  5. Re-installed and appears to be working fine. Thanks for your help. Tom
  6. jabloomf1230, Thanks, I'll check tonight. This may have just been a "typo" on my thread. Will report back. Tom
  7. I installed MT6 this evening, following "Penz" instructions to the letter. I am not getting any traffic whatsoever........... I have checked and rechecked for any typographical errors, but all looks good. Do I need to reinstall MT6 and try again? Thanks so much, Tom
  8. Hi folks, Need some additional thoughts. I followed the first thread of Penz to install MT6 (Professional) into P3d v3..............and I am showing no traffic whatsoever. I have checked entry in simobjects.cfg and it is correct. I made sure to rename ....bgl to .bgl.old. I installed the new traffic folder into existing traffic folder and let it overwrite any old files. I made the correct entry into "Scenery" in P3d console and loaded it. NO Content errors. Again, No traffic period, even with settings at 100%. Do I need to re-install My Traffic from scratch??? Thanks so very much for reading, Tom
  9. Burkhard, From my beginning thread: I understand to use the SDK and put the "Trafficdatabasebuilder" into "MyTraffic" folder. Do I NEED to manually start that program / or / does MyTraffic do that automatically???? Thanks so much, Tom
  10. Graham, Go "figure" is the correct assessment. IT WORKS - that's what counts. Tom
  11. gfd, "Me" don't know but I thought that the trafficAircraft.bgl was supposed to have "passive" at the end .bgl.passive - not "off"............may make absolutely no difference, just saw it. I do not use MyTraffic Live for scheduling - not have I use the "configurator" since v1.4. Let us know what you find. Tom
  12. gfd, HOPEFULLY you did not port the regions in with EMT (which I love) - but for ORBX, you "must" use the regions that have all 3 installers - and use the one for v2........ ALSO, did you install the "latest" ORBX Libraries??? as this will make a difference. Tom
  13. Well, whatever, she's working now. Again, a large thank you for your patience, interest, and great support of your product. cthiggin
  14. Hello Burkhard, You have again answered all my questions and I am on the right track with everything in order. Still don't know what went wrong - but the complete reinstall of MyTraffic sure fixed it. Thanks again for you kind patience and superb help in resolving my problems. Have a blessed one. cthiggin
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