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  1. I stuck an foam earplug in the end of the throttle groove..and it works great as a stop and when I'm reversing i just have to pull back with a little extra pressure to engage it and when I let go the earplug reforms and the throttle is pushed out of reverse. Madjones CYYC
  2. Sorry about that...I was a little confused, but once I was in FS2004 I figured it out. Thanks again
  3. Thanks...I'll try it after work. It makes sense for the most part, I think the only remaining questions is: Do I then assign one of the mapped throttles to the reverser?? Thanks.
  4. Is it possible for the reverser to be put on the throttle axis like in the real world, while having the throttle work as well. eg: having the throttle assigned to 3/4 of the movement and the last 1/4 being used by the reverser?? Thanks very much for the help and a great product...well worth the fee! Madjones CYYC
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