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  1. Thank you very much for your immediate reply! Buying the P3dv4 version next weekend 😁 Best regards Jan Jönsson
  2. Hi! I am a long time fan of STB. Recently moved up to P3Dv4 and I found out that UTlive was at the moment the best option for AI-traffic. Waiting for JF Traffic Global to get ready. However, I read about the limitations of STB with UTLive, but I haven’t found any information about which functions DO work. I mainly use STB for the approach separation feature, does that work with UTLive? What other functions work? If the approach separation works I will go ahead and buy the P3dv4 update, but if it doesn’t work with UTlive I better wait for Traffic Global. Best rega
  3. Hello! I have installed FSX-SE as a single installation on a new computer. FSX-SE works fine. Now trying to install MYT 6. I think I have followed the installation guide, and I have tried a few times. After adding the area and clicking ok, I get an error stating: "SCENERY.CFG file error. Local scenery directory (\..\..\MyTrafficProfessional\MyTraffic\SCENERY) in scenery area.121 not found. Click ok to continue." Any clues to what to do? Best regards Jan Jönsson Stockholm
  4. Hello again! PROBLEM SOLVED! :idea: After a couple of hours I found and deleted the traffic-file from EKCH-scenery. I then followed your problem-solving-check-list and found out that the installation was not complete. Now everything is working fine. Thank you very much for this great product which I have had the opportunity to enjoy for many years now. Best regard! Jan Jönsson
  5. Okey? I have not added any airport scenery since July 2013 and Mytraffic has worked very good up until now. Any suggestions what I can do tog fint out which add-on scenery to take away? Can it be EKCH Kastrup Copenhagen you mean? Thank you! Best regards Jan Jönsson
  6. Hello! I updated to 5.4C from 5.4b the other day. Now I have strange traffic. First the traffic was okay, with lots of variations. Then something happend, dont know what. On all airports now what I can see are lots of SAS, Atlantic Airways, Cimber and just a few of other airlines. That is regardless if I am at EHAM, EDDL, LGAV etc. I use SuperTrafficBoard. Any clues to what I have done wrong and what to do? Thank you! Best regards Jan Jönsson
  7. Hello! I'm still having no luck with the Live-schedule. Now at least I can see a big file downloading, but there are still very few airliners present. At EDDM this time of day only four lufthansa and one cargo-airliner. At ESSA only five airliners, no SAS (it's there main hub). However the 2012 schedule works just fine so I will stick to that, but it would have been nice to have more realistic traffic with live-traffic. Best regards Jan
  8. Hi! I tried to download live traffic today, but the file is very small compared to before. Is that correct? Best regards! Jan
  9. Sorry, still the same problem. Very few airliners present at EDDM, LFMN and so on... No Airfrance flights, one Lufthansa... Traffic set to 100 %. When I use 2012 schedules at 43 % traffic I get many airliners!
  10. Hello again! Well, I don't only miss Lufthansa LH A320's and A321's. The same goes for Airfrance and other major airlines. The traffic volume is low in most airports, traffic set to 100 %. Regards Jan
  11. Hi again! Yes, when I set the traffic slider to 100 % I also get about 35 airliners at EGLL. However I still think it is very strange that at EDDM there are about 15 flights, only one of them a Lufthansa-flight. At EDDF about 20 airliners, only one Lufthansa flight. At LFMN no AirFrance flight. Don't really know how MyTraffic Live is programmed, but I must say it seems very strange that the main carriers at these airports are almost not present at all... And the number of flights when traffic is set to 100 % does not at all represent the real traffic from these airports (comparing to the webs
  12. I had only a few and the traffic slider set to 62 %. And as I wrote, the problem excist at most airports like EDDM, EDDF, LFMN, ESSA... What should the traffic slider be set to? More than 62 %? Best regards! Jan
  13. I use UK 2000 EGLL Extreme v2. But if I use MyTraffic 2012 schedules there are a lot of airliners present. So, what to do? Regards Jan
  14. The traffic is back after restoring the 2012 schedule. Any idea how to solve the MyTraffic Live problem? Regards Jan
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