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  1. Peter, In the Joysticks section, page 6 spoiler settings I need to select 'reverse' to get the axis to work in the correct sense. This works great in any single Flight Simulator session however when I next restart FS I have to re-tick the 'reverse' box. Should this be remembered between sessions? I have the latest version of FSUIPC and the same problem occurred in the previous version. Thanks Peter
  2. Peter, Thanks for the explaination. It's always a hassle when you only half know what you are doing. I selected two unused axes and everything works great. I've got a cold and would like to be off sick! (The not so smart) Peter
  3. Peter, I'm trying to use multiple USB joysticks(yoke and combatstick) in FS2004. I had a similar setup in 2002 which worked properly using your instructions and the patch for controls.dll. The patch won't work on the controls.dll in FS2004. Can you assist me please? (the other)Peter
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