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  1. BINGO! You were right Pete. I put the "InitDelay=0" line at the end of the of the FSUIPC.ini file which was in the joystick area. I just reinstalled, and placed the line in the General section; now everything works fine. Thanks Pete! Regards,
  2. Good afternoon Pete, I added the InitDelay=0 line at the end of the FSUIPC.INI file (registered 3.0.6 verison, restarted FS9 and took the following steps. 1. loaded a flight plan 2. Used ALT-ENTER to reduce screen size (to view AOL icon) 3. Launched AOL 4. Swithched to FS9 to load wx 5. Swithched back to AOL and selected quit program 6. AOL quit leaving the reduced FS9 window (this is where I would normally get hung up before) 7. I keyed ALT-ENTER again to bring FS9 to full screen, however the program disappeard. Hitting the ALT key to bring up the menu did not work and hitting ALT-ENTER didn't work. The interesting thing is that when hitting CTRL-ALT-DEL to bring up the application manager, I found that FS9 was no longer running. Any suggestions? Thanks. Regards,
  3. Good morning, I updated my drivers over the weekend (13 August release) and reinstalled FSUIPC. I'm still having the same black screen problems. Specifically, after leaving full screen mode to launch AOL for real-world weather. After receiving the wx and closing AOL, I'm unable to get FS9 back--remains in minimized mode. After repeated ALT-ENT inputs I can get FS9 back but with a black screen. Again, I removed FSUIPC and I now have no problems. I'm troubled by this since I view FSUIPC as essential and without it, I'm limited in my ability to add certain future commercial FS addons. I've never had a problem with FS2002 though that was with a different computer with a much older video card and drivers. We need to keep this issue in the forefront until resolved; I suspect this problem affects many many systems. I'll keep my eye on new driver releases, but I remain very frustrated.
  4. Hi, I'm having trouble with FSUIPC and FS9. I'm running a brand new system with XP Professional. I installed and registered the FSUIPC per instructions and also tried putting FSUIPC in the modules folder first then recoping the remaining modules as noted in the directions under resolving problems. After starting FS9 and planning the flight, I hit ALT-ENTER to reduce the screen. From there, I log onto AOL then switch back to FS9 to load the real world weather. Once loaded, I quit AOL and attemp to go back to FS9. Each time, it freezes with a black screen. After quitting FS9, I get a message that "duplicate copy of FSUIPC is installed"--don't understand that. If I remove the FSUIPC.dll, everything works fine. Please help. I never had this problem with FS2002 and earlier versions of FSUPIC. Thanks,
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