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  1. I am tryng to find out what additional programs I need to install to use my son's computer and his MSFS98 on the VATSIM network. I have FS2000 on my laptop and would like to be able to fly on the VATSIM network as well. Could you reply with as basic of instructions as possible. Thank you
  2. Thank you Pete and Vulcan for your response: Vulcan, I am not sure what "FSUIPC" is. I have windows XP PRO and I am wondering if that software is not compatible with XP. Do you have windows XP, and if so would you be willing to see if your EFIS 98 ran on that operating system? Thank you.
  3. Dear Pete: I have a copy of World Air Simulation's EFIS 2000 Navdata? I purchased it from a vendor on ebay. It is the Airbus A320 EFIS system and is suppose to be able to be run with Microsoft FS 2000 or FS98. I cannot seem to get it to run. The company no longer exists and there is no tech support. Your name is mentioned in the forward of the manual and I thought you may know something about the program. I bought this program last year when I was on the Boeing 757/767. I loaded it when I first got it and if my memory serves me it ran on either FS98 or 2000 but I did not use it because it was nothing like the Boeing EFIS. I am currently in training at Denver for the Airbus A319/320, and I am trying to get the program up and running. I am wondering if the problem is the program is not compatible with windows XP. I would appreciate any help. Mike A320 f/o United Airlines
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