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  1. "Add me to the list of people who don't mind paying for a new version. I have been using FSUIPC for years. Sim flight without it would be difficult for me" +1. For me one of the top 3 FS utilities.
  2. I've found MyTraffic BGLs cause elevation problems at many add-on airports (payware or freeware like the Orbx packages), regardless of library location. As I run into them, I just rename the MyTraffic filename extensions to ".passive" as opposed to ."bgl." Inconvenient but a minor issue compared to other FSX headaches
  3. Hey Matt. I understand your frustrations about some of the program's quirks. But I don't know of a more flexible and powerful flight planner out there. My suggestion is give it a month. Copy and paste RW flight plans from FlightAware into FSC, then add SIDs and STARs manually. Create some simple flight plans in the various formats to see how they differ. Keep preacticng, as you have inserting waypoints - one at a time. Don't give up after a week. I've created and used well over a thousand flight plans with this program,; it's without a doubt one of my top three FS utility programs. She's not pretty, but she is powerful.
  4. Suggest save your FSUIPC4.ini file somewhere safe. Then delete it, and start FSX - try a flight and see if the problem persists, that should answer whether or not it's an FSUIPC issue
  5. I've often found the African transitions a little odd, the sometimes seem to route one away from the runway before heading toward it. But looking at your route, what I'd probably do is delete waypoint VSB. Then, I'd insert a few NDB waypoints to give me a bit of a sweeping approach to RW05. After GADBA, I'd insert NZ (you'll see it about 25 miles west of the airport), then I'd head toward OL, but track just to the right of it so that I'd intercept the ILS a bit further out. I do have a transition named OL2 for this runway, which takes one to the NBD then turns you on final, but like others it requires too tight of a turn to make the approach successfully, I think.
  6. Harpee, I'm not sure if this is what you're referring to in post #6. But in my "fsc.ini" file, i find this entry toward the bottom: [FS] FSX=-1
  7. They can: - Create your flightplan in FSC. - Choose Save As - Tick the box that says "Airbus X EXT (AXE)" - Under the Paths tab, make sure the path is C:\Users\YOURCOMPUTERNAME\Documents\Aerosoft\AirbusExtended\FlightPlans - The file name must be in a specific format of [Departure_Airport_Code][Arrival_Airport_Code][Two_Digits]. For instance, a flight from Boston to La Guardia would be KBOSKLGA01 - the last two digits don't really matter, you can use 85 or 99 or whatever you prefer. - Open the AXE MCDU. - Enter the flight plan name, e.g. KBOSKLGA01, in the LSK1 ("CO RTE") field, then hit LSK1 I have found it takes several seconds for the MCDU to load the plan - everything seems frozen. But it should load, and you'll find the legs on the F-PLN page
  8. I had a similar problem after upgrading from version B to C a few days ago. FSX would freeze midflight with an error message. I didn't have much time to test, but it happened on every flight i tried from KPHX to KPHL, at varying points in the flight. Pretty sure it was a traffic issue, as identical flights without any AI traffic enabled (sliders=0) completed fine (the crashes were with commercial traffic at 30-50, GA set to zero). I was about to go back to version B when on a whim, I changed the traffic schedules spring 2013 to fall 2012. So far - no crashes.
  9. Have you tried backing up your FSUIPC.ini file - then deleting it - and letting FSUIPC build one from scratch?
  10. Hi Volker, I confirm I have not seen this message box using FSC 9.0 and 9.2 over the last year or so, it just appeared when I updated to 9.3. No more than a minor inconvenience.
  11. One add-on aircraft is the FeelThere ERJ 135/145. In the 3D cockpit view, it uses the middle mouse button to sync the heading bug to the aircraft's current heading. Having said that, I quickly realized this convenience was no match for the conveniences provided by FSUIPC, and I adapted.
  12. Ron, something doesn't seem right here. You say: "On right clicking the unzipped and extracted FS Commander installation file, which I have saved in it's own folder, no option to install the program as 'Run as Administrator' is shown. Also, when installed, the FSC_FSX.exe file also has no option to Run as Administrator when right clicking on the file. " I, like you, am the only use of my dedicated FSX machine. However, I do see the option, upon right-click, to "run as administrator" on the FSC executable file - or any other executable file, for that matter. It's always the second option shown (Win7). Here's an idea: Set up a new administrator account (which will now require you to log in as one or the other user, I expect). Then go through the process again to see what happens. Try right-clicking on some other random exe files too, just to see what you get.
  13. This problem just materialized over the last few days - I have AI traffic in the air, but no AI traffic on the ground, at either payware (e.g. FSDT KJFK) or stock airports. Have tried updating to the 2012 schedules, changing AI traffic density with the FSX sliders from 50-100%, and changing ground traffic to minimum - all with no luck. I have installed a few payware aircraft in the last few days but am unclear how that would have an effect. Any quick ideas?
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